TransMedia Launches GlideOS 2.0 Beta for Mac

Software company TransMedia Corporation has announced the availability of advanced
synchronization and remote access services for Mac users with certain
phone models. The software, called GlideOS 2.0 Beta contains two major
applications: Glide Sync and Glide Mobile.

Both allow users
to synchronize contacts, photos, calendar entries, music, videos, data,
and bookmarks from Safari, Camino, and Firefox on the host Mac over the
air using the phone’s data connection.

 From the press release:

“Traditionally, Mac users have had to jump through hoops to use third
party devices and software,” said TransMedia Chairman and
CEO, Donald
Leka. “No longer. Now Mac users can glide effortlessly
between their
cell phones and Macs.”

The service also offers hosted file access with on the fly conversion
to compatible formats for each phone for easy retrieval and sharing of
files. The services also allow for document creation
direct from the device without the need to save and email to continue
at home or work as well as photo manipulation, and creation of webpages
on either Mac or the mobile device. Read More for a list of supported

Glide Digital
(Flash Page)

Release (Transmedia Corporation)

Phones that are supported include:

  • BlackBerry Pearl
  • BlackBerry 8700
  • BlackBerry 8800
  • Cingular 8125 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • HP iPAQ
  • HP hw6510
  • Motorola Razr V3
  • Motorola SLVR
  • Motorola ROKR
  • Motorola Q (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Nokia 9300
  • Nokia E62 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Nokia 6102i (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Nokia 6682 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Palm Treo 650 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Palm Treo 680 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Palm Treo 700P (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Palm Treo 700W (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Palm Treo 750 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Palm LifeDrive
  • Samsung Blackjack (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Samsung A707 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Samsung D807 (Supports Streaming Media)
  • Sony Ericsson w810i
  • TMobile SDA (Supports Streaming Media)
  • TMobile SideKick