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22 responses to “The Best Prepaid Phone Deal Ever: LG CU405 – 3G Backup Phone for $15 (Updated)”

  1. Jeff

    How many can I buy?

  2. Jeff

    Can this phone be used with my AT&T account if I just swap the SIM card?

  3. Jeff

    Duh… I see I can order 3 in 3 different order–nevermind.

  4. sandip

    Can this be unlocked, so that I can use with my t-moibile service ?

  5. Jeff

    Ok. I bought 2 on 2 different orders. Hope this works out.

  6. CT

    Does this phone work with Google Mobile Maps GPS? (the blue dot)

  7. EurekaCasinoHotelMesquite

    Thanks for the information.

  8. Paul

    Is this dead? The link doesn’t work.

  9. Paul

    Went straight to the AT&T site and ordered OK. It’s just the link (above) that isn’t working.

  10. t

    how is the cashback issued? this, i don’t quite understand.

  11. t

    what happened to this page? i’ve been waiting all day since yesterday for it to come back as per christopher rice’s comment..but still no. Now the phone has gone up in price $39.99. don’t know if i’ll pull the trigger anymore

  12. Christopher Price

    We’ll have an update shortly. Rest assured… I had the entire team get up at 5:30 AM to take care of this… we’ve been hard at work on it for almost seven hours straight (and counting).

  13. t

    ok, great. well, since you’ve ‘teamed’ up with at&t, will we still be able to get this phone for $15 after cashback still? as i said, the at&t site has changed the price to $39.99..hopefully yes!

  14. Christopher Price

    Hi folks, I do have an update… unfortunately it’s not what you were hoping for.

    AT&T did not return any of our calls, even ones they promised to. The entire team is really depressed right now that AT&T is choosing to not work with us, as they agreed to in our contract.

    We will continue to try and communicate with AT&T to resolve this outage. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we can only point to AT&T as the cause of the problem at this time.

  15. Jeff

    My wife is a systems analyst manager and these people(at AT&T) are working 12-16hrs a day as SBC is too cheap to hire more people.

  16. Jeff

    She has been working up to 20 hrs a day on Salary………………….No BS. It’s sad, she is getting literally sick from lack of sleep etc. and I haven’t gotten any for weeks. :>()

  17. Jeff

    IT’S SBC, they bought the AT&T name, that’s all.

  18. Jeff

    Uh… so will you honor the cashback for those of us that already ordered before the snafu?

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