TeleNav Avoids the Traffic Jam with New Service

TeleNav today launched a major update to their Navigator application. TeleNav Navigator, available on a broad range of devices, now includes live traffic data in its calculations. With this data, the program will automatically notify the user of incidents ahead.

The phone polls the network every five minutes for incident data, and then speaks the alert verbally. Included in the announcement is relevant information available, such as lane closures, and traffic rate (when available). By dialing 0 on the handset, the phone will re-route around the incident with the next best possible route.

TeleNav Navigator is available on Sprint, Nextel, Boost, and Cingular devices for $9.99/month. However, the live traffic data is an additional add-on, which costs $3.99/month. In addition, the add-on is currently limited to the Sprint Motorola RAZR and KRZR, as well as the Sanyo Katana.

TeleNav Navigator Traffic