33 responses to “T-Mobile Will Credit Full Month of Data Service to Sidekick Users”

  1. You Vang

    What do you mean by Sidekick users will automatically be credit 1 month of data serveice?

  2. lyn

    It means what you pay monthly for data services (internet,email & apps)will be credited to your bill!!

  3. Ryan

    i still dont have my data

  4. Daevid Reed

    There is no time frame on the system being restored. Tmobile has hidden all of the forums discussing the issue to the FAQ’s link. The email, contacts, and calender are all kept on what they call a “dedicated server” The server has been out since Friday. Tmobile is only offering a credit because they have voided your contract. You pay for a service that is written in the contract….sidekick users must excerise the right to push for more a credit. Data service is a small portion of your bill. YOUR contacts, email and other data services are potentially gone. When the server went down, it gives you no quarantee your contacts, or email were saved. Ask a customer service agent to tell you different. NO GUARANTEE you will have your contacts ie phonebook.

  5. wat about prepaid costomers

    Wat about prepaid customers

  6. Sidekick morons

    From T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions –
    7. Service Availability. Coverage maps only approximate our anticipated wireless coverage area outdoors; actual Service area, coverage and quality may vary and change without notice depending on a variety of factors including network capacity, terrain and weather. You agree we are not liable for problems relating to Service availability or quality.

    Nobody’s contract was voided, technically T-Mo doesn’t have to give you anything. A full months credit is very generous, it could also be prorated for just the actual days of Danger server unavailability.

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  8. Daevid Reed

    But Is It Too Late?
    I’m guessing that T-Mobile must be feeling the heat as the news that all Sidekick users will get a credit of one month because of their ongoing outage is starting to filter through the Interwebs. Phone News has a copy of the message that was posted to T-Mobile support forums by Jim Alling, Chief Operations Officer at T-Mobile:

    I understand that this data service disruption is very frustrating to our valued Sidekick customers. For many years, the Sidekick has been, and continues to be, a cornerstone device for T-Mobile. And we believe Sidekick customers are among the most loyal customers anywhere. Recognizing that, and to address any inconvenience Sidekick data customers are experiencing, T-Mobile will automatically credit one month of data service to customers who subscribe to T-Mobile Sidekick data plans. There is nothing you need to do to get this credit – T-Mobile will post the credit to these accounts in the coming days.

    Great. But I think that this is too little too late for T-Mobile. Why? Check some of these posts on Twitter:

    Go with the iphone because #tmobilesucks ….they are the worst, my data dropped 2 days ain..err

    Just bought an iphone and AT&T service. Now to canceling my #tmobilesucks plan.

    #tmobilesucks …time to switch service but da question is which one??..

  9. Steve M

    It’s time for a class action lawsuit.

  10. AJ jAME

    Wow I cant believe the experience with T-mobile. I use the internet on my phone as I sell things on ebay. I dont want to access the site during work on my work computer so I use my phone. I called T-mobile corp office letting them know I need a phone that had e-mail ability working. I spoke with a Vin Rozzie that was unsimpathetic and told me I was just looking for a new phone(even though I just bought the phone 2 months ago). He proceeded to say that per the t-mobile contract it states that service disruptions will occor. I could tell from his coldness he had had one too many sidekick calls. He suggested that I go out and buy a new phone that has the internet working.This is just one of the may issuess I have had with tmobile. They are the cheapest company out there but you get what you pay for and I have lurned me lesson the hard way.

  11. west

    so youy can bye apps and games and even ringtones under credit for this month ?

  12. west

    free of charge then right ?

  13. thom

    I think it is just going to be the 20 bucks you pay for your sidekick plan.

  14. Cadinho

    i lost all my contacts on friday but now i have the G back and i still didn’t get my contacts back but my catalog still shows it loading so will i get my contacts back soon by this week?

  15. shayla

    when does it qet turn back on ?

  16. matt

    When will everything be restored I just got the sidekick 3 days ago the phone guy told me nothing about this….im not to happy with tmobile and am strongly thinking about switching companies..

  17. david david

    does prepaid get a free month too?

  18. Ro

    This t-mobile shit suck im so glad im gettin an iphone


  19. FireflyBebop

    Just Spoke with a T-mo rep and was informed that yes Pre-paid will get the credit as well.

  20. Miranda

    I hope I will get my contacts back. T-mobile said they would be restored. My contacts just got lost today,my internet wasn’t working a couple days ago,it is now. But no contacts! Or pics!

  21. west

    will you need your 4 digit code or will they just credit your acount atomaticly ?.

  22. west

    and wiil your tmail come back ? i igot mines but tey all say this file is too large to be sent . a and i even had a freind send me somethin and it said the ssame thing .

  23. james

    We have to keep on putting comments up people. I still don’t have my contacts yet so the war is not over.

  24. Neil

    It will take me weeks to get all the info./ email addresses / contacts back…lost photos…they DID NOT BACK UP ! ? Who pays for the hours and hours of my time ?

    That is what they are selling ! Lose your side kick…no problem..they say. They can keep their $ 19…I count the seconds to get out of this company… N

  25. wowlfie

    tmobile just announced all those who lost their data is PERMANENTLY lost and irretrievable unbelievable they blame this on a SERVER failure! Where was their backup SERVER? Where was their 2nd BACKUP server? What the hell kind of company is tmobile runnng anwyay they lost all my data forever and it’s irreplaceable and lost hundreds of software serial codes and registration information and that is costing me thousands of dollars and lost over 300 contacts that are irreplaceable and causing me huge grief. This is inexcusable in this day and age. The rule of every IT department is backup backup backup. Triple redundacy is required of ALL IT departments and obviously tmobile and danger, the subcontractor running the servers, and OWNED by microsoft, is the biggest morons idiots in all of the tech sector in the entire world. No wonder PC users are migrating to Linux and Apple, no wonder tmobile is hurting and will be hurting much bigger as all of it’s sidekick customers should join together and file a class action lawsuit for loosing their customers data that should NEVER happen. Screw them, I’m finished. And I hope some Taliban terrorist blows up their headquarters!!!

  26. wowlfie

    Same with me Neil. Lets get busy filing class action lawsuit!! This is BS in this day and age that a company has only a single server running all of it’s data to customers. Unbelievable stuipidity.

  27. Debra Elder Lambeth

    When I got my phone a NOKIA I went to the manufacturers web page and I downloaded there software for PC suite for myu model phone. My phone can be used as a modem but what I really like is the fact that it connects with my PC automaticaly via the bluetooth function.I can move files back and forth with ease and I always have a back up for my contacts and my calander. I have only had my phone for mounth

  28. alex

    I got my sidekick 3 months ago…I liked it… until this bs happened, my dad is a business continuity/disaster recovery professional making sh*t for a ceertain state which I choose not to tell people…why the f did they not have a continuity/ disaster recovery team?!?

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  30. WowDisgrace

    You know this is right..wtf is you guys doing..one server to keep all of our data..I lost my 150 contacts and I still didn’t get it back, my notes that has personal notes about my software also, my password for all list of logins for everything is store in notes..I don’t give a shxt you guys giving 1 month free service I don’t need that shxt anyways its more painful getting your data back if you guys can’t restore it. Go keep that 30 dollar or 20 dollar don’t give us no credit to apologize your stupid mistake..pssshh a month credit..outrages company can’t even do shxt when something is wrong…thank god iam purchasing iphone in 2 weeks after my mom found out about this….grow guys you and your lack of capabilities of resolving things in a matter of time is poor…and the customer service is poor too they think they know wth they doing but they juss a person who had a formal education..they all dumb

  31. alyssa

    this is simply unbelievable. we have lost sooo much personal information, I personally, have lost over 160 numbers, pictures, notes, emails, bookmarks in the web browser, and I don’t know about anyone else but even the applications and ringtones I purchased are missing. I came to the conclusion on sunday I am not going to get any of this information back. one month free of data service…okay…thanks….$100 appreciation tmobile gift card…okay, it takes two weeks for you to decide who gets it…thanks…but where is our information? what are you going to do so this will never happen again? are you going to forget about this once you disperse your $100 appreciation card? I am a college student whose going to school 700 miles from home…so when YOU lost MY contacts…my heart just dropped…a lot of people these days don’t memorize all the numbers they need…its just a simple type in “mom” or “greg” and hit the send button not 123-456-7890….this is simply pathetic…I can’t even imagine the people who use their sidekicks as business phones!!

  32. SweEtcaNdy18

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  33. alyssa

    why don’t you go to another company that offers tutorials on how to speak and type.