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8 responses to “AT&T Announces iPhone VOIP Now Permitted Over 3G Data Network”

  1. Duker

    so what does this mean? you can have unlimited cellular on the data side and it won’t cost against your minutes?

  2. Christopher Price

    If you use Skype/SIP/VoIP, yes… until AT&T puts a hard cap on data like Verizon has.

    Something tells me that will happen the same month Apple approves the first 3G-enabled VoIP applications.

  3. JJ

    so att doesnt have a 5gig cap on data?

  4. Christopher Price

    AT&T has a 5 GB cap on tethered and mobile broadband card usage. For handset usage, AT&T has maintained that there is a cap, but they won’t detail how much beyond “abusive usage.”

    This allows them to continue marketing cheap data add-ons as unlimited, without having to add additional boiler plate. One can assume it is likely around the 5 GB level, but may require multiple months of usage to trigger action from AT&T.

  5. Eric steely

    Where did you see “abusive usage” as a stipulation. I can’t find it on my documentation from ATT

  6. Christopher Price

    Eric, it’s in the Acceptable Usage legalese. AT&T has also made similar statements to the FCC. Obviously, if you are abusing your network in their view, they will shut you off. Ask the people who roamed frequently how that went.

  7. Eric steely

    I would agree, but roaming is different and as such bad evidence. I was only wondering if you had ever seen it writing? Only curious.

  8. Christopher Price

    Eric, AT&T’s interpretation of abuse is not bad evidence. If you overuse any service (in their view), they will shut you off. Plain and simple. It’s happened and will continue to happen.