5 responses to “T-Mobile Raising Overage Rates Equals ETF Out”

  1. thom

    As a tmobile csr i do want to point out that this change doesnt effect most customers. Those effected were mailed letters last advising of the change.

  2. thom

    last month. sorry

  3. Christopher Price

    As usual, we have noted countless times where a carrier “forgot” to notify many affected customers, and then refused to let them out of contract later.

    We encourage everyone to call T-Mobile customer service and ask them directly if they are affected.

  4. Heather

    You bet your ass I’m trying this tomorrow morning! I’ve been looking for a way out of my contract!

  5. Heather

    Just to let you guys know, I just got off with T-Mobile and I got out of my contract. My phone is actually already shut off. I argued saying that I got a new job which caused me to use my phone more (which was a lie), and that I’d be getting screwed over in overage charges. Once I asked to speak to a manager, I was put on hold. The same rep. came back moments later saying that I could get out of it due to getting my phone before June 28, 2008. There are other criteria for this, so make sure you ask, and stick to your guns.
    I personally have had nothing but problems with T-Mobile (like having to replace my phone 3 times in a year due to it malfunctioning) and I made them well known.
    So good luck, guys! (: