T-Mobile Launches Sidekick LX (2009)

T-Mobile has launched the T-Mobile LX (2009) for new customers after an extended pre-sale offering for current customers which began last month.

The T-Mobile LX (2009) features a 3.2 inch WVGA display, microSDHC expansion slot, media player, integrated social networking, YouTube support via dedicated client, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and video recorder, GPS support via T-Mobile Navigator, and speakerphone.

The new Sidekick LX will mark the first time a Sidekick device will feature quadband GSM/EDGE support as well as both AWS 3G (1700) and international 3G access (850/2100) with Microsoft Exchange support being offered on the device via an application in the Software Catalog on top of GPS enabled Live Search and Geotagging support for photos.

The phone is now available for $299.99 after $150 instant discount before an additional $50 mail-in rebate, bringing the total to $249.99.

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6 responses to “T-Mobile Launches Sidekick LX (2009)”

  1. Jenna

    I’ve had mine since the 11th. I was able to get it early on a pre-order since I am already a T-Mobile customer. This is the third Sidekick that I’ve owned. Prior to this I had the Sidekick 2008 and before that the Sidekick II. Anyway, I’m trying to be optimistic, but I’m already having problems with it. It won’t connect to the internet and is having problems connecting to AIM and Facebook apps as well. However, it says it has reception and is signed in. I’ve spoke to T-Mobile and all they can tell me is that everything looks fine on their end and that because it’s new there may be some issues. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting that they recommend such as a soft reset and also actually removing the battery and reseting the phone. Nothing is fixing the problem. I’m not to happy with the current situation. Hopefully they work things out soon, because otherwise the phone itself is nice.

  2. Aj

    Hey jenna I had the same problem when I got my sidekick on the 13th but I gave it time and didn’t use it and just let I charge and now everything works fine the phone is da shiznit lol

  3. Kuntry

    I got mine on tha 12th and it went through tha same problems, by tha 14th everything was running great, even tho’ tha other day it cut off and wouldn’t come on for a while then it finaly came on. -Kuntryâ„¢

  4. cait

    I love the sklx09..the only thing is the battery runs out fast and I’m not sure how to delete the ringtones I recorded

  5. m376718

    The phone is hot. I love it. It take people forever to receive my pictures but its still a hot phone

  6. jazmin

    I just lol don’t know how 2 work the XL.