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5 responses to “Reminder: T-Mobile Users Must Opt-out of New Data Stash Rules By December 15th (Plus FAQ)”

  1. Anonymous

    I feel like there is some wrong or some misinformation in this article.

    I’m pretty sure if you opt out you CANNOT opt back in. So when you opt out you can still turn BingeOn, on in your account. All this will do is optimize video for you, but not allow you to stream video for free. It should not mean you are opting back in to the 20gbb limit like this article has you to believe.

    Also, what makes me think this article doesn’t necessarily know what they are talking about is when they say for customers that sign up today, they are unsure if they have the option to opt out. NO, they don’t. In fact, anyone who signed up since these newer amp promo plans came out are stuck with the 20gb limit.

    So, just wanted to clarify some of that after reading that article.

  2. Christopher Price

    Well, I wouldn’t call it “misinformation” – article clearly said we don’t know what happens if someone tries to DATAROLL, and signed up as a new customer after Binge On was announced. Can’t find any clarification on that subject.

    We all do definitely know that after the 15th, you certainly can’t DATAROLL to retain unlimited Data Stash. That seems to be the one thing clear in all this. Hence, it’s worth a try for those people who missed the party, to try and get back in under the wire.

    Some have reported that enabling Binge On will not kick you off DATAROLL, but will consume data stashed – just at 480p streaming quality. I’m trying to get confirmation from T-Mobile. I’m a recovering member of the media myself, so no promises.

    But honestly, that’s part of the problem. There is no FAQ. There are no details. This is way, way too cloak-and-dagger for a carrier to do, in my humble opinion. There should be an FAQ page on T-Mobile’s web site… not here.

  3. Christopher Price

    Apparently here is the T-Mobile web site:

    Does add that if you select DATAROLL, you will be forced off your plan if you decide to opt in to Binge On free streaming later. You will have to choose a new plan from the currently available ones.

  4. Juan Tejads

    Worst stupid Nonse, Stash UNLIMITED data, why To worry if I have UNLIMITED? how legere, is screwing over and over customers. Wake up people….!

    1. Tom S

      The point of Data Stash is for capped plans, to allow them to roll over 4G LTE data. That way you can reduce the amount of time that you are throttled to 2G data, in months where you use more data.

      Data Stash is actually considered one of the more disruptive things that T-Mobile has implemented.