Microsoft Offers OneDrive Grandfathered Data – Must Act To Save Your 30GB Storage

Microsoft has relented after massive outrage. The company has set up a special web site where you can opt-in to preserving your current free 30GB storage.

The company recently announced it was withdrawing plans to offer unlimited storage for Office 365 customers, and worse, was reducing all free accounts to 5GB. Previously, Microsoft offered 15GB of free storage, and customers that enabled OneDrive’s mobile phone photo sync feature received another 15GB, for a total of 30GB of free storage.

Microsoft claimed the changes were sparked by PC users backing up extremely large files. OneDrive client sync allowed for large files, even DVR recordings, to be automatically stored on OneDrive. But the reduction of free plans was considered brash by many – as those plans did not cost Microsoft nearly as much, and many competitors like Box have routinely offered free 50GB plans.

At 30GB, OneDrive was one of the largest free storage solution of all the major OS/cloud platform vendors. Also Office 365 customers who had backed up terrabytes already, are being forced to reduce to 300GB of storage, or being forced to pay for storage.

You must sign up immediately for the grandfathered data promotion.

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