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2 responses to “T-Mobile Confirms Carrier Billing for Android Market”

  1. Don Louie

    What is carrier billing? This holds some type of advantage to other forms?

  2. Christopher Price

    Carrier billing is where downloads purchased on a third-party service (like the Android Market) are charged onto your carrier wireless bill.

    Right now to purchase content on the Android Market, you must associate a Google Account with a credit card number. This is cumbersome, and potentially unacceptable, for many families with children or other authorized users. In addition, many people with wireless phones do not have credit cards.

    As such, many Android customers (this is really more for future customers, but anyways) will be able to purchase downloads on the Android Market, and have the charges appear on their next monthly billing statement.

    With credit cards now testing the waters with per-day interest rates, carrier billing could easily become the preferred way of charging for downloads on Android Market, Windows Mobile Marketplace, and Palm’s App Catalog.