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16 responses to “Sprint Treo Pro Delayed Further and Pulled from Best Buy (Updated)”

  1. ken

    I have the Pro from Sprint now(employee phone advocate), so if this is true a firmware will be needed since the phone will not do it out of the box.

  2. Mustang46L

    Interesting. I haven’t heard anything about that. I honestly haven’t heard anything about simultaneous voice/data since we decided not to go with EV-DV.

  3. RonaldVegan

    I believe the potential for simultaneous data and voice on EVDO was discussed here by Chris, at least briefly, in another thread many months ago. It’s great to hear that it may be arriving at long last on not one but two upcoming devices.

  4. Mustang46L

    I don’t disagree that EV-DO is capable of voice and data but I just didn’t know Sprint built out the infrastructure to do it. This would mean that all calls would have to be VoIP and have soft handoffs to non EV-DO towers which would be a feat in itself.

    Interesting news.

  5. Eddie

    While it would be nice to have a simultaneous data/voice device, I dont like how voice be implamented by IP.

    I dont believe its fair for data and voice to be shared by the same bandwidth, all these voice callers will not bog down the data network at first, but after a few years when there will be 1000’s of these devices having concurrent voice sessions per tower, it will take its toll on the data network.

    I am a firm advocate of having different connection for voice and data.

    This is an apples and oranges example, but verizon fios uses different fiber wavelength for phone/internet/tv, so as not to affect eachother, and the service is as close to 100% compared to time warner, comcast, at&t and cablevisions approach.

  6. SaltyDawg

    This is also an apples and oranges comparison, but AT&T wireless has had simultaneous voice and data for a while. I have been on the phone with my bluetooth while watching tv on Slingplayer mobile many times.

  7. joeg

    You can actually watch live TV while sending and recieving data on Srpint. You just cant make a call and send and recieve data. If ATT picks up the Pro….Im outa here Sprint…..

  8. SaltyDawg

    No, I mean I talk on the phone using a bluetooth headset, while I watch a live tv stream over the internet- using my Slingplayer mobile software (and my Slingbox hardware is doing the sending, back at home). I do this at least a few times per week.

    Streaming tv and data is actually the same thing. It’s talking on the phone while you do either of them that is what this new Palm is supposed to be the first CDMA phone to do.

  9. Tyler

    I believe he is using Sprint’s tv service which runs on a MediaFlo’s network. IIRC that’s a separate network from Sprint’s EVDO network.

  10. Dustin


    Wrong. As far as I know, Vzw & AT&T are the only 2 carriers in the US using MediaFLO. Sprint TV is powered by MobiTV, which I believe is IPTV.

  11. SaltyDawg

    I thought AT&T was using Mobitv too? It doesn’t matter, anyone paying for it is a sucker. get a Slingbox and you have the service for life, with no monthly fee. Or use Orb without even buying a Slingbox.

  12. Christopher Price

    AT&T offers MobiTV, primarily aimed for phones that do not have MediaFLO.

  13. JJ

    Whatever. I have the sero plan with sprint and every year sprint gets better and better when it comes to coverage. You guys can bash all you want. Im the one with high speed internet on my laptop wherever i go at half the cost of At&t and Verizon. The palm pro is going to be awesome ESPECIALLY with sprint! Can’t wait till the Palm Pre.

  14. Matt

    I didn’t realize that the Internet Multimedia Subsystem upgrade was the primary requirement of qchat services. I wish Sprint would go ahead and prevision qchat in all it’s major markets. I live in Charlotte and it’s frustrating that not have qchat available to me – I have the V950 handset but not PTT service on it. And if I’m reading this correctly, the Touch pro I have is not actually EVDO rev A…is this correct?