Sprint to Make Changes to Sprint TV and SIRIUS Radio Next Month

In an insert included in billing statements to customers, Sprint-Nextel
has announced changes to Sprint TV and Sirius Radio multimedia services.

It will drop Sirius Hits 1 next month in favor of 10 radio channels
divided by genre, and will add additional content from CNN, The Weather
Channel, E!, NFL Network, and Fox Sports to the basic Sprint TV service
included with Vision and Power Vision access.

These actions taken by Sprint after cancelling plans to launch MediaFLO
could indicate it will depend solely on its Sprint TV platform over
CDMA, rather than launch a non-cellular solution such as the
aforementioned MediaFLO or the DVB-H standard currently being tested by
Modeo in the US.

Sprint has not made any formal announcements regarding offering
non-cellular mobile television services and has not made any final
decisions on whether it will or will not launch such services.