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15 responses to “Sprint to Fix Motorola i880 Displays for Free”

  1. Pingel

    LLeve mi i880 antes que se venc iera la garantia porque se volteo la pantalla , me dieron un telelfono y no me contestaron, ya paso la gartantia que se puede hacer si esto que le paso al i880 es falla del equipo

  2. Pingel

    lleve mi i880 antes que se venciera la garantia , se volteo la pantalla, me dieron un telefono y nunca me contestaron, la garantia ya se vencio se puede hacer algo ya que es falla de fabrica

  3. LEO

    Lo que encotramos al reparar estas unidades es que el cable “flexible” o la pantalla estan defectuosos. Trata de llamarle a Sprint/Motorola y explicarles la situacion. Sigue llamandoles hasta que te contesten.

  4. Roberta Thomas

    7/29 About 8 weeks ago the screen on my Motorola I880 went upside down. I got used to it. Now, for 2 weeks, the screen is white. I can’t get used to that! If I only open it about 1/4 of the way, I can see the screen otherwise it’s white. Any help from anybody appreciated.



  6. john gutierrez

    hello, when i open the phone its upside down. i cant use it. how do i fix it?

  7. Camco

    Joseph, Easy fix for NO SIGNAL. Go into your SETTINGS then all the way down to ADVANCED. Then go into TRANSMITTERS and turn them to ON.

    As far as UNSIDE DOWN inside screen on the i880, Mine did it just this morning, and I am trying to find a fix. I paid the full price for this phone as I went with Boost in a effort to have good serverice with lower cost.

  8. frank lopez

    the lcd backlight on on my i880 does not work. i tried an lcd from another phone and it i am not sure wether i have a bad lcd or just a bad flex cable to lcd.any ideas or advise.i wanted to try the flex cable but i could not remove it from lcd side.

  9. frank lopez

    plaese e mail me.

  10. Hunter

    When I plug my phone in to charge it and then flip open the front the back light wont turn on for about 10-15 seconds. Also times when I open it it wont interact with the keystrokes into the display for a couple of seconds and then it will just shoot them all threw.

  11. Camco

    I use a i880 though Boost, then my screen went upside down, then all white. I took it to a sprint store that is a authorized repair center, they took my phone, and in less than 30 minutes I got it back with a brand new upper section. I had no problems at all. I was gonna send it to Motorola to fix it, they said 10 days to 2 weeks. Sprint did it free and fast. Not just any Sprint store, Do a location search and look for one that does repairs.

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  13. Camco

    Manny, You got a issue? Sure looks like you do.

  14. Jesus

    every time i try to enter in to my inbox, it fades off in to a white screen then shuts off. how do i fix this?

  15. omar

    my screen is upside down and i do not now how to fixs it can you please help me