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8 responses to “Sprint to Deploy OpenWeb Proxy on Vision, Power Vision Devices”

  1. Kenneth

    I have a 700P. Will this help Blazer?

  2. Kenneth

    I have noticed the vision home page going to the old format(from about 4 yrs ago)when short mail was used for sms messaging. Then it goes back to the current format.

  3. Cecil

    @Kenneth: This update sounds like it will impact ALL phones that browse the web on the Sprint network. It should not matter what kind of phone you have. But what do you mean when you say the Vision home page is going to the old format and goes back to the current format? It looks different? It goes back to the current format by itself? Have you seen this happen more than once?

  4. Cecil

    Here’s some great insight and commentary about OpenWeb’s proxy and it’s implications: … Before reading that commentary, I was looking forward to a good change, based only on Sprint’s press release, which is what they want. But after reading it, I realize I don’t want this!!

  5. Cecil

    Sorry for the triple post, but I thought this was important information. There’s an update to the blog I posted above:

  6. Kenneth

    Cecil this started(or was just noticed)last wk. I can make it happen right now by logging into my acct. Then choose opt of my acct home. The 1st item is messaging. I click on it & I get an opt for short mail. Also under opt games I see an old free web game I played on my N400. But gives me an error trying from 700P.