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8 responses to “Sprint Silently Recalls LG LX160”

  1. Mary

    This phone is the worst phone I ever got. The battery life is awfull. I can not her the phone ring even at the highest level. It is very slippery and hard to hold. This phone was a mistake

  2. Mike

    Cheap phone! For small amount of money you get not a great phone. No drivers for data synchronization with computer and low battery life. Overall I’m not pleased…

  3. Milt Holler

    I have two of these phone. Both get very hot while
    being used. Both just turn off for no reason.

  4. Laura

    Is this real? Because I have this phone and it works JUST FINE.

  5. Laura

    Despite the phne working, its true that my phone gets really hot while in use, and the battery has poor life. SUGGESTION: When you first get your phone, don’t turn it on right away, CHARGE it first.

  6. Caryn

    I have this phone. This is the worst phone I have every purchased. I have taken it in many of times and the sales people laugh and say “you get what you pay for”. I called Sprint about the recall and they said they had no information about any problems with the phone. I have called the manufacture of the phone with the same comment. Sprint will loose a long time customer over this. My contract is all most up and my dealings with Sprint are over. BAD PHONE, BUT THE WORST IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  7. bob

    this phone is poor in service ,shuts off,laim on signal,has no night vidio light,eats power like an alcaholic drinks booze.

  8. Vivian

    My cellphone battery is pretty good…just as long as I shut down and leave off the keypad light. But most of the time people can’t hear me. This is the second phone I have because the other one broke down, the other one did the samething “every once in a while” too. I could hear the people but they couldnt hear me…”what a phone!” What a piece of C_ _p!