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14 responses to “Sprint Rolls Out Mobile Work Email Calendar Update for Instinct”

  1. Dave

    Users of the Instinct must have the newest software update for the Instinct to be able to use this feature. The newest s/w version is BK14.

  2. Jeff

    Still no sync capability with Outlook on your desktop.

  3. Bianca

    Sprint should have gone with Windows mobile. This is ridiculous. Who wants to have to book everything in 2 calendars – Outlook and Mobile Work Email?? And if you have a sudden meeting cancellation? Guess who won’t be getting that update? People who have their appointments booked on Mobile Work Email. Jeez, Sprint!!!

  4. Dan

    I was able to sync the Work Calander with my Outlook desktop using the Sprint Desktop conntector. Only problem being the PC must be on in order to sync. I have OWA access but received error messages evry time I set up my work email using the OWA option. The Desktop Connector worked first try.

  5. Sprint User

    I just upgraded my Instinct software and installed the exchange calendar integration. The calendar works nicely with the existing built-in calendar software and the synchronization is immediate.
    If Sprint also added integration with Google calendar, this would make it the perfect PDA for me.

    Good job Sprint!

  6. Ben

    I agree, adding functionality to sync with Google calendar would be excellent.

  7. Dave

    Being a former user of Windows Mobile, I am most thankful Sprint/Samsung did not use that sorry excuse for a mobile OS. I remember having to reset my iPaq and Axim several times a day, every day.

    BTW, you don’t have to sync your stuff in two calendars. Outlook is automatically sync’d with your mobile email/calendar on the phone. Change one and the other synches in seconds. The OWA email/calendar option is the best update released to date. I now have blackberry-like email/calendar functionality without having to have my desktop PC powered on. Nice work Sprint. Keep up the good work.

  8. Dave

    BTW, meeting cancellation come through to the phone automatically, just like reminders. It is pretty sweet getting meeting reminders/alerts on the phone.

  9. dblock

    does it work with contacts?

  10. tammy

    I have version BK14 but I still cannot get my outlook calendar to sync. What did I do wrong? I run the sync and it only updates my contacts. Thanks for the help!

  11. Tom

    My Instinct is synching with my outlook calendar but the events that I enter on my phone get deleted once the phone synchs up with my desktop outlook. The events entered in my desktop work fine and don’t get deleted when the phone and desktop are synched. Anyone else having this problem?

  12. Andrea Killenbec

    Can you tell me what we need to do to sync our instinct to the outlook calendar? Tom, you said you got it to work. How do we get the update you all are referring to? Is it automatic? Thanks for any input.

  13. Miguel

    A lot of important questions where asked but left unanswered why is syncing to outlook calendar such a bloody mystery?

  14. Gary Childers

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My beautiful Microsoft SPOT watch STILL syncs my outlook 2007 calendar RELIABLY thru my Windows Live Calendar! No complexity required!!! (but only until 1/1/2012 🙁 ) If I update my Windows Live Calendar, it automatically updates my SPOT Watch! …and YOU phone-heads all thought it was a JOKE! It wasn’t a joke until Ballmer decided to kill it. >:(

    You’re trying to do a WRIST WATCH’s JOB with a TELEPHONE!