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3 responses to “Clearwire Relaunches Service As Clear in Portland, Oregon (Updated)”

  1. Mustang46L

    I liked the XOHM name better.

  2. Christopher Price

    Wait, someone actually liked XOHM as a name!?


  3. almostalwayson

    Imho, XOHM ain’t so bad – or, wasn’t so bad .That makes it “some-two,” not just someone. 🙂

    The reason is that the name XOHM was a creation that would have been “frictionless” in the mind of the prospective user/beholder. There is no particular resistance to it in one’s mind because it has no limiting connotation. It’s a techie-enough sounding name to to be associated with a vague sort of elevated frequency/wave-length, long distance image that is consistent with a mission of imparting the perception of the highest level of performance in its competitive space. (A meaningless word can become synonymous with a new category for a product or service: excellent, or otherwise. Examples abound. One example is Skype.)

    “Clear” wisely drops ‘wire’ which permits it to distance itself from the impression in the mind that is inherent in that word. [One of the most popular magazines of the early automotive era, circa 1910s, was “Horseless Age.” How long will it be before the word ‘wireless’ drops out of the current vernacular? Okay, probably awhile…] On the downside, is “farthest[range,]” “fastest[download]” or “speed[of display]” imparted in the new name? Hmmm… Still, in a world of increasing difficulty in availabilty of words for company names, a big-fish company gets itself a big-fish adjective. That’s an accomplishment.