Sprint Roadmap Explains All New Devices

Sources on the PhoneNews.com Forums have posted dates that confirm and identify exactly what devices Sprint is planning to carry through the end of 2007, and even into 2008.

Of significant note, the device list is very extensive on the smart device side. While Sprint has in the past, at times, carried more smart devices than other carriers. Now however, Sprint will have once again more smart devices than any other carrier.

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Sept 4

Motorola V9m RAZR2

Sept 30

Novatel Ovation U727 USB Mobile Broadband Modem – Minor upgrade to the existing U720

Oct 14

Palm Gryphon / Centro – Treo 690, a low-cost, ultra-thin Treo aimed at lower-cost audiences. Expected to retail for $99 with new service agreement.

Sanyo S1 – A basic candybar phone, the lineup’s replacement for the aging Sanyo SCP-4930 candybar. However, it will not have push-to-talk services as ReadyLink has been phased out.

Nov 4

Lg LX260

HTC Vogue – A CDMA version of the HTC Touch, complete with multi-touch home
screen. EV-DO Rev A will likely launch with the device, but GPS and Sprint Navigation will wait for a future firmware update.

BlackBerry 8130 Pearl 2 – The Pearl 2 will add Media Player and Sprint Music Store support, making it Sprint’s first multimedia BlackBerry.

UTStarcom PX600 – This is a replacement of the PX500, both manufactured by Pantech. This is expected to serve as a budget EV-DO Rev A card, sold typically for free with new service.

Nov 23

Moto Q9c – The Q9c is a modified version of the Motorola Q9m for Verizon. It will likely drop Verizon’s “multimedia home” display, and may not support Sprint Music Store. GSM international roaming is still an unconfirmed rumor.


Treo 800w – The first major improvement to Windows Mobile CDMA Treo units. It should ship before CTIA… averting mobs of press questions as to why CDMA still lacks a Windows Mobile 6 Treo.

Samsung BlackJack International (CDMA/GSM) – With AT&T’s exclusivity agreement with Samsung about to end, Sprint will be picking up the BlackJack with international roaming support. This will replace the aging Samsung i830 (IP-830w) in Sprint’s lineup. It is not clear if it will mirror HTC’s support for Sprint Music Store and upcoming Sprint Navigation support.