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7 responses to “Sprint Retail Stores Closed on Sunday”

  1. DJ

    Airave — now this is something I have been waiting for. I will be the first in line to get one.
    I live so far out in the country they have to ship in fresh water. ATT, Verizon doesn’t work and I can barely get a Sprint signal. That’s right — can you hear me now? Nope, your crew must be chasing someone in those cities because Verizon towers are no where near me. The Airave is going to allow me to retire my in-building repeater for something I know will work.

    Can’t wait! Christmas in August!!!

  2. other

    im in one of the test sites you will love IT , i have had it for 3 months

  3. Jaz

    Does this mean that their customer service is going to get better and more efficient? I really hope thats the case.

  4. dude

    You do know that you need a LAN connection to get the Air rave to work, right? Assuming you may not have one since you live in BFE like me….

  5. Kevin

    Don’t forget the Katana Eclipse! It also launches that same day.

  6. FACTO

    Sprint Retail Stores will be closed on August 17th for employee training regarding Sprint’s internal customer service initiative known as Red Carpet.

    Unlike what has been reported on other sites, Sprint will not launch the highly anticipated HTC Diamond on that day but will launch the Motorola VE20 and mark the official launch of the Airave service which we previously reported on.

    Customer service will still remain open as will major third-party vendors such as Radio Shack and Best Buy.

  7. dj

    Picked up the Airave today. Easy to set up. Plugged it right into my WIFI router — took about 50 minutes for the box to register itself. And once it did all I have to say is WOW!!!!!

    I am in a known dead area for all the cell providers. This absolutely works great!!!

    There is no way I’m leaving Sprint now!!!!