Sprint PPC-6700 Firmware Update Fixes Call Problems

UTStarcom has released an update for the HTC-designed PPC-6700. The update only adds the ability to receive an incoming call while in an active data session. It does not update the version of Windows Mobile on the device.

UTStarcom calls the update “AKU 2.X Fix”, indicating that they do not want users to know that they are only getting AKU 2.0, and not the newer AKU 2.2 that Verizon and Alltel currently have.

The current version of WM5 is AKU 3.2. Despite UTStarcom and Sprint continuing to sell the device, neither has responded to PCS Intel with any plans to update the device to either AKU 2.2 or a newer version.

PPC-6700 AKU 2.0 Fix Firmware Update

Firmware Tracker Updated…