Samsung Blackjack Breaks Cingular Pricing

Cingular’s Samsung i607 Blackjack is their first UMTS Windows Mobile Smartphone. That appears to be causing Cingular some problems with their pricing structure.

Cingular currently differentiates between PDA devices, and Smartphones. PDA users are billed $44.99/month for unlimited internet, while Smartphone users are only charged $19.99/month for unlimited internet. Cingular makes this differentiation, unlike Sprint and Verizon, because they claim PDA users are much more likely to use more data, and tap additional network resources.

However, the Blackjack breaks this model. While not being a PDA, and running Windows Mobile Smartphone, Cingular refuses to sell the device attached to a Smartphone data plan. Instead, Cingular is classing the device as a PDA, and requiring users to pay $44.99. The Cingular 2125 and 3125 Smartphones running the same platform and software only pay $19.99. That is the same price that non-smart, but UMTS and HSDPA-enabled phones pay for data.

Cingular has maintained a long-standing policy of not commenting to PCS Intel on any reporting.