Sprint Opens SERO Plans to Everyone

Sprint’s SERO plans are special referral-offers meant to be given to Sprint employees only. These plans are offered to customers who are “friends and family” of Sprint employees. SERO stands for the Sprint Employee Referral Offer. The base SERO plan is a $30/month plan offering 500 Fair & Flexible minutes with unlimited data.

However, Sprint has leaked out through unofficial channels a new manner to sign up for SERO, opening up access to the general public. Users who visit the SERO site and enter the employee email address savings@sprint.com can purchase SERO offers.

SERO continues to be promoted heavily around holidays, as a means for Sprint to gain new adds in the crucial holiday buying season. In addition to the 500 minute base plan, higher minute bundles are offered. Also offered is an aircard plan offering unlimited data for only $50/month, without any requirement of having an existing line of service.

Sprint – SERO