Sprint Naming System

Needed to tackle this issue before it gets out-of-hand. I know some are aware of this, but most aren’t, so I though I’d clarify…

Sprint has startred re-naming all of their phones to help in identifing their distinguishing characteristic. This process started by renaming the Samsung A620 to VGA1000. Most thought that this was just to distinguish it from the A600, but here are some more examples.

Samsung A660 will be renamed VI660 (VI = Vision)
Sanyo 7200 and 5400 will be renamed RL2000 and RL2500 respectively (RL = ReadyLink/Push-to-Talk)
Sanyo 5500 will be renamed VM4500 (VM = Video Mail)

With that said SprintPCSinfo.com will take the position of naming the phone as both unless it is clear what phone is being talked about. So references to the Sanyo 7200 will be Sanyo 7200/RL2000. Hope that clears some of this up.