Sprint Launches Balance Monitor Application, Download Unavailable? (Updated)

Sprint has launched a small and handy application to help people with
spending limits see how close they are to their spending limits. The
application, called the Sprint Balance Monitor is meant as a visual aid
to help people decide if they need to make a payment immediately or to
gauge how much they spend in a given month.

Currently those who sign up
for text alerts from Sprint will recieve access to the application
first, but as of this writing the download link in the text message
triggers an HTTP 502 error, presumably meaning the application is not
yet available, and a search through the Sprint Applications WAP deck led back to the non working direct download link. We will update with any new developments as they arrive.

Update: The download is now available and is also available from Sprint.com by logging in and clicking the “Want this on your phone?” link under the “Pay Now” link. This is only for those customers that are assigned account spending limits.