Cingular Shuts Off TDMA Early in AZ, Customers not Notified

AT&T Cingular said late last year that they would be shutting off their TDMA network at the end of March in Arizona. They stated that this was necessary as they needed the spectrum and did not have a significant customer base in that area.

However, users are reporting that, without notice, Cingular has already pulled the plug on the network. The same users have confirmed that Cingular did not notify them until calling into customer service to inquire about the dead signal. At which time, they were informed that the network had been shut down ahead of announced dates, and were offered the same GSM migration options they were offered previously.

Cingular’s remaining timeframe for shutting down TDMA appears to be intact, with TDMA postpaid customers in the rest of the country being disconnected on February 18, 2008. Cingular has a long standing policy of not commenting to about any issue.