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10 responses to “Sprint HTC Hero Revealed in China”

  1. Jeff

    Is there a projected US debut?

  2. F1

    What the H….!!?? I was looking forward to the Original design….They ruined it completely, I am no longer interested, this is very sad! I hope this is not the Hero! Thank You

  3. Alex

    This is Awesome!

    Who knows maybe Sprint insisted that HTC actually throw a bigger processor in this bad boy too? How cool would that be, get a great looking phone, awesome OS, Sense, and something other than the old TI processor. That would be a GRAND SLAM for Sprint… I could see people jumping ship from all sorts of carriers to get their hands on a Beefed Up Hero! Dan might actually be able to show a “+” in the customer base next quarter…. never know iPhone did it for Apple. Come on Sprint…. Surprise the heck out of us loyal customers and come to market with something completely amazing! Oh ya and soon to please. 😉

  4. JJ

    Yeah f1. this looks completely different then the orginal version. I hope this is a mistake and they posted the wrong picture. Lets hope. I was looking forward to the original design with teflon coating.

  5. Rich

    Thank god they had the sense to redesign the handset and get rid of that gawd awful chin.

  6. AJ

    God I hope this isn’t the real deal. I know Sprint changes things around but this is murder. I love the original design and that’s what I want.

  7. George

    Jesus Frickin’ Christ…I seriously hope that this is some sort of hoax or misinformation that’s going around right now. This thing looks like some cheap piece of sh*t that MAYBE would have passed for mid-tier about five years ago. For months, I’ve been looking forward to the sleek and different look that original iteration of the Hero offered. Now, they’re potentially pulling the old “bait and switch” with this garbage when it comes to the U.S.? Damn. Now, I’m going to have to start researching again for worthy alternatives just in case this travesty comes to pass.

  8. JJ

    Understandable. I agree, I didn’t like the chin on the other phone but the rest of the phone was worth it compared to this nasty thing that looks like every other windows mobile phone out there.

  9. willywill82

    I’m trying to switch back to Sprint’s superior network, but they just don’t have anything interesting to me to purchase. I’m with AT&T and I have an iPhone 3GS, and yes, it’s incredibly fast and is a great texting/e-mail/internet/music phone, but hardly a “smartphone,” save for the ability to run 3d party apps purchasable through it’s tightly controlled app store. However, Android is a real smart phone OS, and I have been really waiting for Oct. 11 (the estimated rumored date for Sprint’s own version of Hero to drop), but this… this is horrific. The previous/internation or GSM version is significantly better in terms of design, and while I wasn’t crazy about the chin before, I’m begging for it now compared to this crap. I hope that this site has made a mistake posting the wrong picture. If this is the Hero, I’m going to have to start looking for back up phones. iPhone is getting on my nerves, and everyone in the world has one, and it doesn’t multitask, and I need a real smart phone that can multi task and have a sensitive touch screen interface. Oh, Sprint… you’ve lost me, again. I guess I’ll just stay with high-ass price AT&T and just pick up a 5800XM like I should have gotten to begin with before I bought the iPhone…

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