Sprint has a Texas Sized Lawsuit On Their Hands

On Monday Texas Atty. General Greg Abbott filed suit against Sprint Nextel for “deceptive fees”. Sprint this month began charging it’s customers in Texas a new fee called “Texas Margin Fee Reimbursement”. Sprint ran into problems when they began charging their Texas customers 1% to cover the aforementioned fee. The problem appears to be that the “Texas Margin Fee Reimbursement” is only a .7% fee.

“Sprint Nextel has defrauded its customers and violated a court order, blatantly disregarding the laws of the state of Texas,” Abbott said, calling the fee false, misleading and deceptive. “Texans will not tolerate Sprint Nextel’s unlawful business practices.”

“At this time, we can’t discuss this matter because it’s the subject of pending litigation,” company spokesman John Taylor said. “Sprint Nextel strives to serve its customers in a fair and transparent manner.”

Dallas News.com Article