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32 responses to “Sprint Embraces Android on SRDO Data-Only Plans”

  1. Boz

    So let me get this straight:

    I can pay $30 to use a hero with unlimited data, texting, sprint tv, and navigation; but I can’t pay that same $30 to use a hero with a data pro pack addon on my F&F family plan? Can somebody please explain to me how that makes sense?

  2. Boz

    Thanks for the reply. I can see how it is a benefit to some people, but I definitely prefer only having one device. That is one of the benefits of modern smart phones. It can be used for voice, internet, email, some office applications, mp3 player, movie player, modem, etc. all in one device. Gone are the days of multiple devices being the only option. Really, for me my data usage is pretty light. I rarely tether my phone. I mostly use it for light web browsing and EAS for work email and calendar. Again, I can see SRDO being beneficial to some, but for me I just don’t see it.

  3. JerDog

    Actually – with the new VOIP systems out, i.e. Skype, and how they actually can utilize your regular phone input – this type of plan actually could be killer! You purchase unlimited Skype to any number in the US for like $30-40 a YEAR – and then use this device only on Skype for outbound calls (and inbound if you have Skype turned on)….

  4. Duker

    I tried the Hero for a week, it is very cool, I just gotta have a hard keyboard. Pre worked better for me.

  5. Don Louie

    Would you still have to pay if it’s one of the lines on a fam plan?

  6. Andrew Burch

    I had the $50 SERO plan w/1250 anytime and pretty much all else unlimited. I called and talked with multiple departments and sat through transfer after transfer. I finally hung up. Today, I logged on to the chat customer service and within min. I was given a SERO plan called Everything plus for $59.99 that worked with my HERO. Here is email log:

    Account holder ANDREW requested a change impacting phone number xxx xxx xxxx. As of 10/11/2009, the Everything Plus 500 plan was added to your account and the Everything Data 450 plan was removed.

    It seems to be the same as the $69 with 50 min. more anytime landline and 10 bucks less..

    Good luck

  7. goob

    Man, I don’t get it. $50 / month for data through normal channels on MiFi, or $30 / month through SRDO on MiFi. Am I doing something illegal? Am I SR customer just by signing up? It DOES ask “where did you hear of this deal?” Which is just wacked …

    “These phones and the $29.99 data-only plan is only for Sprint Relay consumers.”

  8. Christopher Price

    Goob, you’re not doing anything illegal, anyone can become a Sprint Relay customer. We’ve been screaming this from the mountain tops for months now. Sprint is well aware of our comprehensive coverage, if there was anything “wrong” with Sprint Relay… they would have closed those loopholes by now.

    I’d direct you to the GoPhone Unlimited Data and T-Mobile Sidekick Prepaid-as-Aircard as two examples of how closely the carriers read and monitor…

    Sprint seems content offering this plan to the savvy, and charging $50-$60 to everyone else for the same offering, in a weaker USB stick aircard (or MiFi) package.

  9. F1

    Indeed very interesting!

    Thank You

  10. Rich

    I switched off my old f&f plan to the family anytime mobile plan. It was going to raise my bill 30 bucks so IO griped to retention and they gave me $20 off a month for 2 years!! Don’t be afraid to ask….Now I will get the TV Premier and Sprint Navigation and unlimited to any cellphone in the US!! When you call CS, ask to speak to cancellation… Also, check with Sprint and see if your employer gets you an extra discount. My employer United airlines gets me 27% off my bill….

  11. Alan

    You guys need to be aware this plan is designed for deaf and hard of hearing.

  12. Bill Morgan

    Alan – does it matter, though? It’s a data & text only plan – can people who desire just those things opt for this plan?

    Android and Pre designed Google Voice Apps can address the voice restriction.

  13. Garrett

    The Sprint Relay Center is a center for the hearing impared which translates text only communications between the hearing impared person and another party. The operator reads the text chat to the hearing person and types the responses back to the hearing impared.

    I would assume these are primarly for hearing impared individuals who would have no use for voice minutes.

  14. Anonymous

    Does this mean I could use Google Voice to make and receive calls without having any minutes?

  15. KS

    How can I take advantage of a Everything Plus 500 plan, when I didn’t already have a SERO plan?

  16. Rich

    Have a Hero? Email me if you find any neat extras the hero can do

  17. RG

    If you already have a sprint account you wont be able to convert over to an Everything Plus Referral without changing your number and getting an Employee email address and ID.

  18. goob

    Well, something happened between last night and today. The broadband card plan price is now $59.99 / mo for 3G only and $69.99 / mo for 4G/3G capable. I waited too long :(.

    Mobile Broadband Connection – 3G
    Cost per Month Data
    $59.99 5GB/mo (5,000 MB)

    Mobile Broadband Connection – 3G/4G
    Cost per Month Monthly Usage Anytime Minutes Additional 3G Data
    $69.99 5GB 5GB $0.05/MB

  19. Christopher Price

    RG, that’s correct unless you have a SERO account. SERO plan holders can migrate to Everything Plus. Both are under the employee-referral account class.

  20. Christopher Price

    Anonymous, Google Voice on handsets typically makes a voice call, which incurs minutes. As such, it’s not currently a perfect fit for SRDO plans.

    The good news is other, SIP-based VoIP clients like Skype are well-suited for SRDO. There are some unofficial hacks to “relay” (no pun) into a SIP backend for Google Voice, but considering the low cost of Skype… it’s a much preferred alternative in most cases.

  21. carl

    im debating going back to a sero or everything plus plan.. But im not sure if its worth it for me.. I get 23% off with gm and pay only 66bucks or so..for the 450 plan with ins.. and all.. I had a sero plan years ago but wanted the new phones.. does anyone think it would be worth it..

  22. Christopher Price

    The only way to “go back” to SERO at this point would be to acquire someone else’s account. Expect to pay a premium as SERO account holders are now “selling” their accounts for a good bit extra than what they pay per month.

    There’s now way to answer your question specifically, Carl. I would suggest asking in the Forums with an expanded post that describes your usage habits.

  23. Andrew Burch

    I was on the $69 plan for 1 day. I am not sure if they allowed me to go back to a SERO plan because of the small amount of time I was not on the SERO plan however, technically I went back.. Who knows!

  24. Christopher Price

    Andrew, after outrage from SERO holders, Sprint did implement the option to fall back to SERO within 30 days of changing to Everything Plus or Simply Everything. That is the only period in which you can revert to SERO. After 30 days, an account cannot revert back to SERO.

  25. Charbax

    In Europe, we got $20 per month data-only plans for 10GB monthly bandwidth. VOIP allowed. And no contact, just pay pre-paid in advance each month to keep the service for the next month. Those data-onlu plans come on a SIM card usable in any unlocked device.

  26. evan


    Thanks for all of the valuable information. I would just like to confirm that you are successfully using a Relay plan on a Sprint device (WebOS or Android) for the dataplan and can use Skype for voice needs without additional charge (other than the obvious skype fees). This has been exactly what I’m waiting for and my primary concern would be getting charged the .20 per minute fee by Sprint for using Skype.

    Information regarding your experiences with this setup would be extremely valuable! Do you have a website or blog where you document your experiences?


  27. michael

    I’m considering signing up for SRDO when the Samsung Moment becomes available. My only question is if I decide later that I want to use the Moment as my primary phone will I be able to migrate to a traditional Sprint plan (w/voice) without incurring ETF?

  28. Terd Ferguson

    So I could just buy a data plan only, and pay for skype?

  29. Terd Ferguson

    in theory…with AT&T and an iphone…You could only ahve to pay about $40 per month??

    That being just data plan and skype

  30. Dean

    I called Sprint with the intention of using an HTC Hero with SRDO, everything seemed fine, the sales person even called the right people. 5 days later when I called my credit card company and found that the charge was pending and not submitted, I called back Sprint to see what was up. This new sales rep said that her supervisor informed her that SRDO exists as a program and might be able to t be used with the HTC Hero BUT…I have not proven to the 3rd party that signs up people for SRDO service through Sprint that I have a need for the service. It seems that SRDO is for the deaf/hard of hearing, so… Have to wait for data only Google phone? I refuse (can’t afford) to pay an additional $30.00/month over the top of my voice/text charge for data/web that would only be used rarely.