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35 responses to “Sprint Developer Page Reveals HTC Touch Pro 2 Specs”

  1. Carl

    when will it be released?? I hope it doesn’t have as many problems as the current touch pro also

  2. David

    I know this phone will be able to upgrade to windows 6.5, but what about windows 7 ? This maybe a deal breaker for me cause 6.1 is so played and 6.5 is not much better.

  3. bottomline

    Any idea when it will launch ??

  4. F1

    I think by mid to late September.
    My Palm Pro 6.1, a week after going online, keeps freezing, even with minimal tasks. I am guessing no upgrade on the OS by Sprint?!

    Thank You

  5. John

    I don’t think the touchpro 2 is windows 7 compliant.

    I believe one of the specs for windows 7 is that it’s multitouch capable, which I thought the TP2 was not.

    Feel free to correct me if I’m in error…

  6. Humberto Saabedra

    The Touch Pro 2 display is in fact multi-touch capable having confirmed it myself at CTIA. The capability also has to be included in software for it to work.

  7. Mack

    when will this phone be available on the sprint network?

  8. jessica

    well I don’t care what the rest say but my htc touch pro work perfectly for me and I love my phone the best I had and love it. And when will this purty phone come out….And obviously I’m getting it….

  9. JJ

    I agree with Jessica. The original Touch Pro is a great phone. I dont know why some of you are saying this phone has problems. The TouchPro and Diamond are the top selling phones htc has ever made. Yes, windows mobile has issues but they can all be dealt with. If you still have problems with it then maybe a smartphone isnt for you. Good luck cause the htc touchflo makes it one of the easiest winmobile phones to use. I myself cant wait to try this phone.

  10. YY

    3.5 mm or not?

  11. Chris

    Link is dead at Spring Developer…

  12. Stephanie

    Several internet IT rumors have Sprint’s launch date on this phone as Oct. 11th. I’ve been waiting months for this phone and am beyond disappointed that Sprint has taken so long to launch it. Verizon was on the ball but I’d prefer to stay with Sprint. Can anyone confirm or deny the Oct. 11th date?

  13. bottomline

    I thought it was going to be launched in august(sometime) ? Now im hearing mid to late september, I wish someone would be able to give us a better idea……… One thing is for sure, considering the financial straits Sprint is in, it shouldnt be dragging its feet like this if it wants to recover !

  14. JJ

    Its true sprint doesn’t have the luxury to wait. They need to release phones now that will keep current customers and attract new ones. But at the same time I don’t think they should release a phone prematurely especially if the reason is to put a 3.5mm plug on it. If thats the reason for the delay I don’t blame them. Hey, you never know, they might be getting ready to release the hero,tp2 and diamon2 all at the same time. That would be some cool phones to choose from.

  15. o0MEGA0o

    sprint is dragging their feet on new releases to guarantee sales of the Palm Pre. I hate that sprint does this… why not just throw them all out at once, and let the users decide what to buy.

  16. Christopher Price

    I seriously doubt there is foot-dragging because of the Pre. While Sprint may have had SEBU spend the most time testing and quickly approving the Pre, before clearing other devices, the Pre is in short supply. Sprint would love to have multiple devices challenging iPhone’s dominance. I’m not saying Touch Pro 2 will do that, after all, Pre sales are dwarfed by iPhone 3GS alone.

  17. F1

    Besides the Touch Pro 2 is going to be the first MS Mobile since Palm Pro, which has it’s own loyal following versus the Palm Pre with WebOS.

    Thank You

  18. fortunz

    Humberto Saabedra wrote:
    > The Touch Pro 2 display is in fact multi-touch capable having confirmed it myself at CTIA.

    I think you’d have to be thinking of a different phone, or you’ve confused some features. The TP2 has a very responsive resistive touch screen, but it’s still resistive. And although it is possible for a resistive touch screen to support multitouch, it has to be built with a very, very new technology from the start–old resistive touch screens can’t be updated to the new tech. If the TP2 were multitouch capable, it would be the first ever multitouch resistive phone on the market. That’s awfully big news to have not made headlines anywhere.

  19. David

    I know the TP2 ships with window 6.1 and can be upgraded to 6.5, are you sure about 7? I never heard anywhere it was going to be upgradable to windows mobile 7. That would make me want this phone alone. I really dont want it if the grades stops and 6.5 know something better is coming. Please confirm.

  20. JJ

    I don’t know about you guys but i will be waiting till end of october when tp2 and hero are released. I want to try out both of them before I resign and use my 2 year discount with Sprint. Ive never used an android phone but HTC has really added some cool features to the hero. Does anyone know if tp2 has the sense feature that the hero has?

  21. RickP

    You’d be foolish to think this phone will be upgradeable to WinMo 7. WinMO 6.5? Yes.

  22. SaltyDawg

    When the AT&T roadmap document leaked several months back, it said this phone would eventually be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7. Food for thought…

  23. Odin

    The problem is the lower-end spec issue that it was announced as WCDMA/HDSPA roaming earlier but now it’s a EDGE, GSM only?

  24. David

    No WinMo 7 is a deal breaker on the TP2. I’m with RickP on this one. Where does it say anywhere this phone will be WinMo 7 ready? I never tried WebOS, but it’s looking good, MS sat on its hands to long and got left behind I hope they bring it with WinMo 7.

  25. fortunz

    @Salty, aside from the document’s other faults, it had the appearance that it might well be a year old by the time it leaked, going back to a time when we (and ATT) thought WinMo 7 would be released this year. They knew winmo versions were on the cusp and figured in an upgrade for their QWERTZ/dedicated #pad mockup, but they figured the wrong one.

    Sure, it’s food for thought, but the thoughts are of delays and rough drafts.

  26. SaltyDawg

    If you check this early leaked AT&T info:

    It clearly says their version will be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7. I don’t see why theirs would be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7 and not Sprint’s.

  27. SaltyDawg

    @ fortunz

    Yes, that document is obviously old as dirt. But still, they planned from the beginning to upgrade it to WIndows Mobile 7. And then we have Umberto getting confirmation personally that the device supports multi touch. I have to think it will be running Windows Mobile 7 someday. If not officially, a cooked version.

    Again though, by the time Windows Mobile 7 launches we won’t care about the Touch Pro 2. There will be way better devices with Snapdragons and Tegras.

  28. pasquatch_33

    This device will not run WinMo7. Maybe someone could hack it to work with WM7, but the OS’s preliminary specs include things like mobile graphics processors, a digital compass and multi-touch, none of which the TP2 has. Start by searching google or wikipedia for more info on these requirements. I am basing this argument off of the following link:

  29. SaltyDawg

    @ pasquatch_33

    Those requirements are for ONE type of WIndows Mobile 7 device. There will be several different types.

    And, again, it has been confirmed to one of the reporters on this site that the Touch Pro 2 screen does support multi touch. And, also again, the AT&T document that clearly had all the specs of this device flat out said it would be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7.

    It said September launch, and we all thought that meant when it would get upgraded to Windows Mobile 7- but maybe that AT&T document really says it will eventually get upgraded to Windows Mobile 7 bu8t the device itself will launch in September. When you put it that way, suddenly it doesn’t seem so far fetched…

  30. pasquatch_33

    @ SaltyDawg

    Ok, I can see your point about multiple types of devices; however, the AT&T document is fairly outdated at this point and I would be hesitant to rely on it. For right now, I would say that I do not think that this device will be capable of running WM7, not without some tweaking anyway.

    Also, I have been researching this phone for months and this is the first time I have seen anyone mention that this phone might have multitouch. Can you provide a link to some kind of documentation on this feature, print of otherwise?

  31. SaltyDawg

    @ pasquatch_33

    For the link on this device having multi touch, look in this very thread where a reporter on this site (Humberto in the 7th post) said he personally confirmed it at CTIA.

    And how is that AT&T document outdated? Yes, the picture is clearly an old render. But the specs are all spot on. And it clearly says September 09 launch. If the devioce launches in September 09, then there is a very good chance that the document is actually 100% accurate and was misunderstood by all of us readers. We all thought it said Windows 7 would launch in September, so we said it was out dated. But if that AT&T version actually launches in September, then I don’t see anything on that document that is outdated except the picture.

  32. fortunz

    Xda-devs will be xda-devs, and they’d have winmo7 running on a toaster if HTC would brand one.

    I am not attempting to say the ATT version won’t have the upgrade, just that that document isn’t a good source. According to it, the phone was to launch months ago and have a a QWERTZ keyboard. What else did they get wrong in that old draft? Solid information would be about ATT’s hardware being pretty different from the current stock TP2–i.e. a multitouch capable screen tech. That’s also what needs to be heard about the Sprint version–that, or Microsoft announcing laxness on its WinMo7 requirements or a chassis-type that doesn’t require multitouch (other chassis’ will probably be for different screen types, ie treo-esque device–the published chassis is most likely the one TP2 would be measured by).

    As to Humberto (for the record SD, blogging doesn’t a journalist make), if he were really capable of getting real information on Sprint’s TP2 being multitouch capable, wouldn’t he be competent enough to break the “news” in a more appropriate place than a blog comment? It’s not exactly a small story. “World’s first phone with resistive multitouch”

  33. SaltyDawg

    @ fortunz

    Where does that AT&T document say the device was supposed to launch months ago and have a qwertz keyboard? I clearly see the document saying “Sept 09 launch date” on the bottom right corner. Yes, we all assumed that meant Windows Mobile 7 would be “launched” in Sept 09, but now that the device itself will be launching around that time, they could have very well meant the device itself will launch in that timeframe.

    As for that picture, I don’t see anywhere on that docum,ent where it claims that picture is the final design for the device.

    And how is Humberto not a journalist? LOL, he is getting paid to pubhlish reports for a credible news source. How is he not a journalist?

    Now, to flip the script here- please show me where some credible source reported that the Touch Pro 2 would NOT be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7, or the screen on the Touch Pro 2 does NOT support multi touch. Because we have 2 sources in this very thread (ther AT&T document and a reporter from this site at CTIA) saying that it will be and does.

  34. Alexandria Duncan

    Does anyone know if Sprint will be offering the original design for the TP2 as well?….Because the all black with that crazy speaker in the back is so ugly. I really want this phone, but I’d rather have it in the classic sleak black/silver/chrome that HTC originally designed. That speaker just looks like it’ll trap all kinds of dirt. :-/