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3 responses to “Sprint Completes Clearwire Merger, Clear Will Replace XOHM”

  1. Alec

    I’m a Clear user in Portland, Oregon. But whenever I ask whether Clear and Clearwire are the same company, I get told “no.” Yet this article, published last year, indicates otherwise.

    Today, I asked a Clearwire rep, via chat, whether my Clear WiMax modem was portable to Clearwire coverage in Syracuse, New York. Again, they said no – that Clear and Clearwire are not the same company. Is there a problem in this so-called merger … or are these companies tetering on the brink of failure?

  2. Laurie G

    Now it is time to jump ship – Clear/Clearwire IS on the brinnk – go with LTE on a real wireless provider. VZW is launching in December.