Sprint Canceling Excessive Roamers?

After much advertising about “Free Roaming”, it appears that Sprint is falling back on it’s roaming T&C’s just as Cingular when it comes to excessive roamers. Here are the roaming T&C’s from the Sprint website…

“Roaming Included Plans. Not avai’l with single-band or digital mode only phones, or to customers residing in an area not covered by the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. Sprint may terminate service if a majority of minutes in a given month are used while roaming off the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. International calling including in Canada & Mexico, not included. Usage in Expanded Voice Coverage areas may, in some instances, be invoiced after 30-60 days. When calling from Expanded Voice Coverage Areas: (a) PCS Vision and PCS to PCS calling services are not avai’l; and (b) certain calling features (Voicemail, Caller I.D., Call Waiting, etc.) may not work.”

Also this article mentions the date of 3/15/2007 as the “deadline” for service termination. No ETFs will be accessed to these customers who’s service is involuntarily terminated. With the date of 3/15 not having arrived yet, we will have to wait and see if Sprint changes directions on this one. If you or anyone you know actually receives one of these “termination” letters let us know about it in our comment section.