Sprint Announces WiMAX 4G Network

Sprint today announced their intention to deploy Mobile WiMAX service as their 4G network platform. WiMAX beat out three other competing technologies; TD-CDMA (IPWireless), 802.20 (Qualcomm/Flarion) and WiBro (Samsung’s derivative of WiMAX).

Sprint is the first national wireless provider to announce a 4G national protocol. As we have previously reported, Sprint plans to have a considerable metropolitan network by 2010. The network will not compete with the national CDMA2000 network, instead will work in-tandem to provide true broadband speeds in major metropolitan areas, while allowing CDMA to provide national voice and data coverage.

The network partnership will be formed by Intel, Motorola, and Samsung each providing network infrastructure ranging from core network development to base stations. PCS Intel has detailed Sprint’s 802.16e deployment goals and long-term vision previously.

Sprint has set a timeframe of the fourth quarter of 2007 to begin launching the network, with a plan to have 100 million citizens covered by the end of 2008. This is the most aggressive national wireless broadband technology offering ever announced in the United States, and will require more resources than an EV-DO overlay.

PCS Intel has had the most exclusive coverage possible of Sprint’s WiMAX plans. PCS Intel was the first site to confirm Sprint’s intentions to deploy 4G, their selection of 802.16e WiMAX as their network, as well as tapping Motorola for WiMAX enabled handsets.

Sprint Press Release
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