AWS Auction (Updated)

Round 1 and 2 are over, round 3 starts in less than 6 minutes. So far T-mobile is buying up everything they can get their hands on, as expected. Cingular, VZW and Sprint Nextel Are bidding on REAs (Regional Economic Areas) unlike T-Mobile. T-Mobile appears to be bidding according to CMAs (Cellular Market Areas). In essence Cingular, VZW and Sprint Nextel are being picky, T-Mobile is buying up the farm. Many regional carriers and non wireless/cellular companies are also bidding for the available AWS spectrum. We will continue provide coverage of the next-generation AWS Auction as it develops.

Update: Bidding Rounds 3, 4, and 5 are over. With T-Mobile dominating among the national wireless carriers in each round. Sprint Nextel, Cingular and VZW appear to be picking and choosing their markets to bid on. Considering all three are in a much better position with their current spectrum portfolio’s, this is not unexpected.

Update 2:
Fierce bidding makes it difficult to discern a winner in this auction currently. So when it’s all over and the dust has settled, an update will be posted summarizing the auction. FYI…for not really being interested in the spectrum being auctioned. There sure is allot of bidding wars going on, and it’s getting worse with each round.

Update 3:
Here are the figures are totals after round 16 has closed…
PWB=Provisinally Winning Bid. The highest bidder so far, PWB’s are changing hands with each round, so nothing is written in stone.
Spectrum CO.LLC is the Sprint Nextel/cable companies partnership.
Top 10 Licenses
Top 10 Bidders

Here are the auction results after bidding round 20 has closed….
Top Bidders
Top Lisences

Here are the auctions results after round 28 has closed….
Top Bidders
Top Licenses

Her are the results of round 40….
Top bidders
Top lisences

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