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11 responses to “Sprint Announces BlackBerry Tour”

  1. geverixm

    This is way overdue from Sprint. Hoorah we are getting a new berry. Sprint has come through for it’s customers finally. I guess patience is a virtue.

  2. Duker

    Kind of looks like an 8830 to me, what’s the difference?

  3. ANG

    I believe that the main difference is that it will be more compatible with international networks. something that is important for international business travelers.

  4. JJ

    Yes. Sprint is doing good now. They are actually listening to customers. I have gotten my issue resolved the first time I call the last 3 times I have called CS.
    This phone has the same shape as the storm except for the physical keyboard. Also the fact that it can use other gsm networks unlike the locked gsm that verizon uses, that is locked only to vodafone sim card.
    Good for you Sprint.

  5. terrence

    I for one will be buying this bad boy and dropping in my AT+T sim card… Who’s with me?

  6. jim

    VZW (I think) blocks AT&T connections in the US. Wonder if Sprint does or will do the same?

  7. John

    you can’t use atnt sim with this. Its locked to cdma only in the US. only the international bands are accessible(till somebody figures out a hack)

  8. robbie D

    why would you want to put att in here? (go get the bold!) in the US sprint deff has the best capacity for this phone, come on guys and gals thimk about what you type then start typing!

  9. nito

    In the future can I sued the blackberry tour intern in the dominican repub with a sim card.

  10. Kaiser

    If it ONLY had WIFI. What is the deal??? It should have WIFI!

  11. Amy

    Why would you need WiFi if you have internet on your phone, which you have to have when you have a Blackberry anyway?? Sprint does the same thing, you can not use a SIM card with the CDMA network.