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10 responses to “Dev Team to Demo iPhone 3.0 Carrier Unlock Tool Tonight (Updated)”

  1. Dallas

    this is wrong info, os 3.0 is available for download tomorrow, 6/17/09

  2. Fez

    It is but developers got the 3.0 GM a week ago, which is the final version of 3.0. Tomorrow is the public release but its not different from the GM release. Thats why they were able to work on 3.0. I currently have 3.0 on my iphone.

  3. JJ

    This is not saying that they are releasing 3.0. It is saying that they are going to introduce an unlocking tool like the pwonage tool. Read the article and you will know.

  4. Evan

    3.0 was leaked weeks ago.

  5. JJ

    Read the article people. This not about the release of 3.0. Its about unlocking tool for 3.0. cmon .

  6. Christopher Price

    I think some people just weren’t under the impression that 3.0 had been finalized and released to developers already. That said, it was news that we covered live with our WWDC coverage.

  7. hilary

    No, in the USA, the update for the 3.0 software is still on the 17th, but it will be sometime around 8 to 10am PCT.

  8. Porkchop

    Like any iPhone release You all fail at life.
    When you plug your iphone in and iTunes says heres some firmware!

    This is when it’s Available, Go to Bed and let the dev team work.
    Any firmware out on the internet IS NOT let me say again IS FRACKING NOT the final release. Like all IPSW releases the final build will likely be different.

    Just go to bed and update tomorrow, As far as I know Steve has not outfitted your phone with legs.

    Although a portable suicide booth would be a great Idea for some of you.

  9. Christopher Price

    Porkchop, your comments are about as warranted as they are respectful. We previously reported the potential difference between “GM Seed” and an actual final release.

  10. Guilherme Neto

    Well, for all you girls fighting over nothing, the final release is the same build the GM is/was.