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14 responses to “Sprint Activiating Curve 8530 on Old Plans with BIS Loophole”

  1. phonedude

    how is this news. You people think it is your right to get whatever plan you want, Prices and Promotions can change at anytime, this is the wireless industry and it has always been this way, if you don’t like it go pay more somewhere else, whiny consumers .

  2. Christopher Price

    If Sprint is willing to activate a BlackBerry device on a BlackBerry BIS plan, when they indicated they wouldn’t, that’s absolutely newsworthy.

    Sprint has yet to answer why they were unable to keep their promise to certain legacy customers, SERO and others, that future smartphones would continue to work on their plans.

    Considering that Sprint does allow business-liable customers to continue using the Curve 8530 with their legacy/grandfathered plans, it is clearly anti-consumer behavior aimed at raising the cost on consumers (but not businesses) with future devices. Of course we’re going to report every angle of that story.

  3. josh

    Chris makes a good point and also for the 8530 there are actually no difference between this device and comparing it to tour. other then slower internet and an added digi trackpad. EVDO REV0 come on sprint why downgrade. So take that into consideration and also with BIS which is a requirment per sprint and all other carriers for a BB there is no reason to make a plan change when all added requirments are in place.

  4. chris_suck

    This is just another stupid Sprint bashing “News” from phone news…

    Its funny when there is only one web site that keeps posting BS News..

    If this was ATT Chris would love what they are doing …

  5. Allen

    I was able to add BIS plan for $30 to activate my new BB 8530

  6. JJ

    How is getting the bis on your account trying to get it any plan you want? You really are an idiot. Its people like you that always get walk all over. Go ahead and let the phone companies tell you what you should do and who you should do it for. Also how is trying to pay less for a certain plan being whiny? Why don’t you go ahead and and keep paying whatever high price they want to charge. Your the type of people that companies love to take advantage of. Good for you . As for all of us whiners we will continue to be smart shoppers and continue to get great services for a great price.

  7. Joe

    Allen. Can you please advise how you were able to activate on the BB $30 plan.i tried and i couldnt get to work. can u please help me?

  8. john

    So really, is this thing an upgrade/downgrade. I have one coming Saturday and want to know if I should open up the box.

  9. Christopher Price

    The Curve 2 replaces the Curve, but is meant to match the Tour on features ordinary consumers use.

    As such, it lacks EV-DO Rev A and international GSM/UMTS roaming. Again, for the ordinary consumer these aren’t features that would ever be significantly be used.

    Then again, phone enthusiasts that tether their phones would instantly benefit from EV-DO Rev A, so it’s all about what you want from a phone. It’s in-between the original Curve and the Tour.

  10. Sam

    I have the Curve 8530 but I can’t swap my number besides if I upgrade from my free & clear plan to everything data plan, this change could add up my monthly cost to about $60 or more.

    How does this $10 add on mentioned above work? will it work with the free & clear plan?

  11. Flower Power

    I believe the $10 BIS add on can only be applied to SERO plans.

  12. Hvuski

    I have Sprint Sero and ordered the BB 8530 today because I got info on the BIS buy up here. I spoke with some very nice people who tried and tried to get this done for me but they said there were compatibility issues. Is there any way to go around this???? This is very frustrating. I don’t know who to believe.

  13. Jimbo

    I have a simple grandpa phone (LOL). I am planning to move and my be disconnected from internet for some time and so I inquired about the 8350 blackberry with sprint and I was told it is fast on the internet. I do not do alot of hi-tech work,yet, on the net, but I don`t want to step out of my plan which I have had a hard time getting corrected, into something of a suprise. I am behind in the times of techknowledgies and I need help.
    Thank You Very Much

  14. Sheri

    Hello all. The BIS service can be added to almost any plan including the Free and Clear plans. It is called the Blackberry Personal Data Pack and it is an additional $30/month. I know of no BIS plan that can be added to any plan for $10/month; however, there is a BES plan that can be added for $15/month. The BIS plan is what allows you to get emails pushed to your Blackberry phone. The BES service allows customers to connect to a Blackberry Enterprise Server for Corporate emails.

    Also, I wanted to mention that the 8530 Curve does have Wi-Fi and the Tour does not in addition to all of the other things mentioned in this thread.

    If you are a Sprint customer, give Sprint’s Blackberry Technical Support Team at 877-654-9111 if you have any questions.