4 responses to “RIM BlackBerry Users Suffer Though Another BlackBerry Outage”

  1. arp

    B.s, this is the last straw, b.b has completed a DEAL braker with me, nothing but bad exp with the modle and my service. I will be geting a new phone with new service, b.b will have some lame excuse for this other than the simple truth that they simpily dont have it together , fade or burn out your light is going out.

  2. Steven Goldfein

    This is what happens when you rely on services and servers outside of your control that do not have contract required service levels. Another example of how the “cloud” is going to screw things up even more.

  3. hmm

    Get an iphone and really get mad

  4. Duker

    LOL….”Get an iphone and really get mad”…..How True!!!