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3 responses to “Sony Ericsson Announces T717 Equinox for T-Mobile”

  1. Flower Power

    I wonder if (like the TM506) the firmware is (will be) crippled by T-mobile to prevent tethering.
    I thought I heard T-mobile had Sony Ericsson disable tethering a later TM506 firmware update.

    So, one needed to debrand the TM506 to allow tethering.
    I tried out bluetooth DUN on a stock TM506. It seemed to like all AT commands
    except for the ATDT commands like ATDT*99***2#. It would return error right away.

  2. James Perry

    I have a new T717 Sony Ericson cell phone, and I forgot my Motorola H555 earpiece Blue tooth device’s password, what can I do to use another password to connect it to my Sony Ericson phone?

  3. James Perry

    My T717 is a neat cell phones, large keys easy access to many applications.