Shentel Gets Re-Affiliated With Sprint Nextel

Shenandoah Personal Communications Company a division of Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, known to Sprint customers as Shentel has announced a new affiliate agreement has been signed with Sprint Nextel. This new agreement is a drastic change from previous network management agreements between Shentel and Sprint Nextel. This new agreement also settles all outstanding disputes between Shentel and Sprint Nextel. Some changes in this new affiliate agreement include….
* Provide a greatly simplified, long-term plan for settling revenues and expenses
* Upon receipt of any required landlord consents, transfer to Shentel the Nextel stores and employees in Shentel’s PCS service area
* Allow Shentel to sell iDEN products and services
* Arrange for Shentel to provide local iDEN customer service
* Settle all outstanding claims between Sprint Nextel and Shentel

More details of the new affiliate agreement will be included in Shentel’s upcoming 2006 10k filing with the SEC. This is the first announcement of one the remaining affiliates and Sprint Nextel reaching a new network management agreement since the Sprint Nextel merger.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement that allows Shentel and Sprint Nextel to continue our successful partnership and continue to build long-term value for both companies,” said Christopher E. French, President of Shentel. “The new agreements provide Shentel more certainty in charting our future, and allow us to continue participation in the important wireless segment of our industry”.

Shentel Press Release