Sanyo, Samsung Phones Aim to Outpace Traditional Music Devices

Sprint’s original plans for a high-end lineup of MediaFLO super-multimedia phones have been flatly shelved. With phones like the Samsung M250 canceled, Sprint has turned to Sanyo to come up with a new fleet of music phones. Sanyo, having released the M1 late last year, will replace it with two phones, part of the new PRO-series. The PRO series will replace the M1, 5000, and 9000 series as the high-end of Sanyo’s lineup.

The Sprint PRO 700 and 800 will represent the first two phones in this lineup. The PRO 700 is almost identical to the existing Sanyo M1, which explains why Sprint plans to discontinue the M1 within the next 60 days. The PRO 700 improves on the M1 form-factor by utilizing a rubberized enclosure, removing the slippery plastics of the M1 and older phones. The PRO 800 however is similar to the Motorola K1m KRZR. It features a microSD card slot, improved speakerphone, and thin design. The PRO 800 will be universally more powerful than any Sanyo phone released in the United States to-date.

Also Samsung’s Flipper, the M620 will also attempt to compete with traditional music players by offering on one side a traditional phone, and on the other side, a full screen to rival portable music and video players. As we reported on our M250 coverage, Samsung has been working on porting their DAP media player interface to phones, ensuring a seamless experience between the devices.

Sprint is expected to announce both Sprint PRO phones and the Samsung Flipper on the eve of CTIA in Orlando.