Samsung To Introduce New Broadcast Standard at CES

Samsung will introduce yet another mobile broadcast standard at CES,
but this one is targeted towards broadcasters that are transitioning
from analog to digital broadcasts as well as dedicated devices such as
portable televisions, in vehicle entertainment systems, and portable
media players, although the possibility of integrating it into mobile
phones was not dismissed entirely by the company.

The new standard called Advanced Vestigial Sideband is meant to ease simulcasting of live content from a broadcaster without needing a customized feed for mobile devices or dedicated spectrum for wireless services, instead using a dedicated digital subcarrier channel to transmit a broadcast feed.

The company hopes to standardize the technology in the first half of the year in the US, with plans to sell the technology in other countries such as Canada and Mexico with initial research and development beginning in 2005 jointly with the Advanced Television Systems Commitee, which oversees digital brooadcast video standards in the US.