Orb Re-Adds Vista Support, Streams on Wii

If you’ve been using Orb 2.0, and have been having some speed bumps, fear not. Orb Networks has just issued version 2.00.0814. This version adds improved support for Windows Vista, and despite past mentions, is the first “officially supported” release.

The version also adds support for streaming to Nintendo Wii consoles, as well as improving support for streaming video to mobile devices. It is suggested that all Orb 2.0 users update by re-downloading and re-installing. Read more for a complete list of changes.

Orb Networks

Taken from the Orb Release Feed

Released 01/05/2006
• Windows Vista support
• Improved performances, especially in the Library view
• Support for streaming to the Nintendo Wii
• Added Document folders option in Configuration
• Fix for the 10 minutes TV stream limit on mobiles
• Fixed broken thumbnails on some media
• Fix for some web radios that could not be recorded or scheduled
• Added support for Ip Cam streaming
• TV search will also search channels name
• support for “record only new episodes” option in Orb Passes
• OrbDMS: Added Internet TV favorites and fixed Webcam
• Fix for TV streaming not changing channels in Flash player