Samsung To Introduce A CDMA Base Station For Your House

At CTIA Wireless 2007 Samsung is planning to introduce a CDMA base station solution for your home. Aptly named UbiCell this CDMA in home base station is a device called a CDMA Femtocell.

“UbiCell will allow users to eliminate the need for a landline phone.
With guaranteed in-home service, users will no longer have to pay for
separate landline charges for basic features such as long distance, voice
mail, caller ID and call waiting”.

UbiCell is easy to install and adapts to its environment with automatic
configuration, plug-and-play and remote operation and maintenance. The
system is ready to use without requiring any technical assistance, it
requires any broadband internet (xDSL or Cable Modem), Ethernet connection
and 110V power. After installation, the UbiCell will locate and register
with the Management Server to configure and begin service in a matter of

Air Interface IS95 A/B & CDMA2000 1X or WCDMA
System Capacity 1FA Omni
Channel Elements 4 traffic channels
Frequency 1.9GHz
Output Power Max. 50mw
Input Voltage 90~250VAC
Network Interface 10/100 BaseTx Ethernet (xDSL/Cable Modem)
Weight 1lb

Samsung will be at CTIA Wireless 2007 in booth #3103 if you want to check out their offerings.

Samsung Press Release