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7 responses to “Samsung Reveals New Messaging Phone for Metro PCS”

  1. Sherene Grant

    That is a very nice phone. Im waiting for a new affordable phone and this is perfect! When will it come to the U.S.? PLEASE come up with a price

  2. peter

    this is a nice phone but they said in july sometime its supposed to come out and now its not out yet? come onnnn we want this phone but usually metro pcs has expensive prices and its very hard to afford a phone this nice. i bet that this phone will be about $ 200 $

  3. tayee

    i absolutely love it! i really do hope that metro pcs gets this phone. please come up with a price and release date.

  4. benz1

    It ll be avalialbe with MetroPCS on August 8th for $199

  5. tayee

    really?!?!?!?!?!?!? OMG!!!!!

  6. ScooterL

    It is available now on the Metro PCS website for $149-

  7. eve

    yea it is on the website 4 $149 and some stores will have it this friday!!!!!! I’m so getting it!!!!!