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29 responses to “Samsung Instinct Gets its First Firmware / Software Update”

  1. Mikeyman

    Several problems still exist: when ‘voice notification’ is ON, text messages are NOT announced by a ring…ONLY the voice notification. If you want it to ring for a text message, ‘voice notification’ must be OFF. This is not the case for calls or alarms. Next, the calendar is frought with problems, and is not very user friendly. If you set an event with ‘NO alert,’ sometimes it rings, anyway! And we need a calendar that syncs with Outlook, or, better yet, the Palm calendar that we miss from our old Treos, etc. Also, if the screen is off, you won’t know if you missed a call or an event unless you first press & hold the lock button…..this is very inconvenient; you SHOULD be able to tell you’ve missed something just by looking at the phone. More to come….

  2. Mikeyman

    Also, if you download an email attachment, such as a Word file, you can find it under Email>Browse files…..but there’s no way to delete it !!!

  3. Funder

    mikeyman.. you are right you can’t delete files from the phone but if you pull your card out and put it into your computer or card reader then go to the drive, you can open the files from there and delete them. put the card back in your phone and they are gone.

  4. First firmware/ software update for Samsung Instinct released | Cellphones Center

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  5. Mikeyman

    Thanks Funder…good idea!

  6. Jason

    The instinct isn’t a treo, it isn’t a PDA and it hasn’t been marketed as a PDA. Those that think it needs Outlook syncing or the dozens of other PDA functions should have upgraded to the Treo 800w not the instinct.

  7. Jason J

    Also, you can’t delete email accounts once you have created them without deleting all of the email accounts

  8. Jason J

    Does anyone have that issue

  9. ChuckD

    I hope they get rid of some of this lag. Especially when I’m typing a text.

  10. JK

    Are there apps for reading email attachments? Word, excel, pdf’s?

  11. Anthony

    Did those updates this morning, I was wondering what they were. i would like to see the smileys added back to texting on one of the next updates. Also, only 1 hour maximum notification for calander events is pathetic, needs to go to at least 24 hours prior. One other thing, no Fax icon for contact phone numbers.

    I would love to see these three things updated.

  12. caleb

    does anybody have any clue about when then 3rd party apps will be ready and wut they will be i would love to be able to customise the homescreen like the layout also would be great to change the sound effects that would be awesome as hell so does anybody know??

  13. cindy

    I have the instinct and I can not download animated graphics but my Samsung M520 is capable of that feature? Does anyone know what I can do about this?

  14. antonio

    I just downloaded the opera mini for the instinct and every time i try to type in a web address, it takes me to the typing page but i am unable to locate or bring up the key board to type. can this problem be fixed.

  15. Mr. Puentes

    what about being able to get a call tone??? it isnt possible for instinct phones, why is that???

  16. Sylens

    “Also, you can’t delete email accounts once you have created them without deleting all of the email accounts”

    Jason, you can delete individual accounts. Go to the e-mail app, go to the main e-mail screen (where you can choose your accounts) and tap the envelope with the gear next to the account name. There’s a little trash can on the top right corner of the screen on that deletes the account.

    And Mr. Puentes: Go to Sprint’s Digital Lounge. You can get all the call tones you want there.

    Though I do have a problem with the Instinct’s home page. I just wanna shop for call tones and the like, not learn how to use my phone.

  17. MR INK

    The Phone is Kool, but the ads are very misleading I’m really growning to hate the phone and Sprint (well let me not say the because they might cancel my contract) anyway its just sad that we have this horrible internet,T.V and the fact that we have to pay for so much extra stuff with a simpily everything plan, I’m trying so hard to sell my phone so I can get the blackberry but everyone around is too smart to fall for the sprint B.S that’s just my rant for the day let me end with a good note about the phone hmmmmm ok its cute!!

  18. Yolanda

    Has anyone found at how to use a song in the Media Player as a ringtone? I was able to do that with the Moto Q 9c.

  19. Frank

    Instinct sucks. I waited for this? Instinct wanted to be something like Apple’s iPhone but it’s not ever close nor does it go as far as hold a flicker of anything that would resemble it. It is NOT a PDA. You can set up appointments but where, when and any other important information is not available. You can get email but it’s limited, very limited, and you can interface it with a calendar that sux.

    The browser sux as it’s only usable with a very limited number of sites. I tried to get the treo 800w but sprint said they were always out. Now I’m stuck with crap for the next two years.

    I just notice a 850 pro, well I guess it would be worth the move to get out of this crap and into something that actually works like it should.

  20. natty b

    my screen stopped working…tha phone is brand new…Help anyone!!!!

  21. Shelley

    I’ve had the Instinct for about 2 months.. it has locked up on me numerous times and I’ve had to turn the phone completely off and back on again. Wouldn’t be bad if it was an every once in a while thing, but this is almost everyday and I don’t even use my phone that much.

    There are other glitches here and there.. but I guess it’s a new phone, so they’ll have bugs to work out. Hopefully Instinct 2 will be much better…

  22. Jonsharp

    Ok i have had the phone for like 3 weeks i dunno why all of u hate this phone so it doesnt do every thing give it time damn screw the i phone its a peace well id prob own one but what ever only prob i have with my phone is sometimes the texting is a hoe but all well if u dont like the video res on it load ur card with like mp4 movies etc and they will turn out great all in all i love this little bastard.

  23. Dave

    Email stopped coming to phone after working fine. Also can not delete from favorites screen.

    Email or call if u can help! Sprint hung up on me 3 times. 541-390-2891. THANKS!

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  25. Moy

    Will the Samsung Instinct ever be able to use the google earth or othe

  26. Moy

    Will the Samsung Instinct ever be able to use the google earth or other windows apps like

  27. dre

    this phone need more lock features and everything else for the price of it

  28. J9

    The one thing that bothers me is that the phone auto-deletes old text messages in the thread without warning. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to keep all messages. It really should be able to keep all the messages if you want it to. I can understand if the internal memory was full, but there should be an option to have them save onto the memory card. Ugh, this is basic stuff.

  29. tj

    Man people are hard to please now-a-days, oh my phone freezes…what you mean like computers, video game consoles and cell phones before it? say it ain’t so. And if I hear another iPhone comparison I’m going to scream, they’re not meant to be the same period, why would I want an iPhone over the instinct anyways, I can have all the same functions on an iTouch, minus a phone and a camera and I don’t have to pay for a 2 year contract with an overpriced plan. The Instinct isn’t perfect, but neither is any damn phone; seems like no matter what phone people get they can’t stop complaining about it.