Samsung Impression Firmware Issues Surface (Updated)

AT&T customers that have purchased the recently launched Samsung Impression have begun to speak up regarding a potentially frustrating and showstopping text entry issue.

The issue appears when using the onscreen T9 keyboard.

Typing a sentence with the letter j in an SMS message will cause the phone to crash, with many people and AT&T representatives reporting the same result on new devices after repeating the above actions multiple times to confirm the issue.

Neither AT&T nor Samsung have officially commented on the matter, and AT&T representatives are now recommending using the hardware QWERTY keyboard in lieu of the virtual T9 keyboard as a temporary solution until it is officially addressed.

Update: AT&T retail employees have confirmed to that there will be an over the air update released on May 29th that will address the virtual keyboard issue.

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33 responses to “Samsung Impression Firmware Issues Surface (Updated)”

  1. ebbie

    im jus wondering if anyone would still recommend this phone because i was looking into getting one but i dont plan on using the t9 feature…im just looking for a slider phone with only the full qwerty keypad from at&t…please let me know any suggestions of phones like that. [not the pantech duo or matrix though]

  2. John


    Get the LG Xenon. I have one and I love it. Cheaper than the Impression and none of these issues. Great keyboard and sound quality. I looked at both very carefully, and I’m really happy with my choice.

  3. Kase

    I’d still recommend the Impression. I don’t use the t9 feature, and I prefer the qwerty keypad anyways over the virtual one. The very reason I choose to go with this phone over the iPhone or Blackberry Storm. I did compare this with the LG Xenon before my purchase. The Xenon is smaller and I felt the keypad was just too small for hands.

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  5. spoiledkraut

    Today is 13 June and there is still no opdate for this phone!

  6. hayley

    I would like to know when the update will get here because I’m thinking about getting this phone for my birthday, but I really don’t want it if it freezes a lot like people say it does because i text a LOT

  7. Cody

    My impression doesn’t even do this. I just tried it a bunch of times. And its still working just fine.

  8. Cody

    Ok so after a couple tries I got it to freeze up using J space on virtual t9 qwerty

  9. Cody

    Is T9 really necessary when you have a full qwerty keyboard in front of you?

    1. Christopher Price

      For many, T9 is a real time saver. Knowing you can type with 9 keys instead of 29 is indeed faster for many people. Necessary? No, but useful for those that are T9 addicts. It’s like Dvorak over QWERTY. For those that like Dvorak, it’s just plain faster.

      Even HTC adds T9 to their Windows Mobile phones… even the ones with slide-out keyboards.

  10. SThomas

    Stick with the Impression. It has a much sturdier feel to it and the slide out keyboard has more appropriately spaced keys (much easier to use). I have had mine for about 2 months and have had no issues whatsoever….with any function. The touchscreen is phenomenally accurate and responsive. I had the Eternity prior to the Impression and was very happy with it, but the Impression is even more impressive, especially on the touchscreen aspect. I have been told by a cousin who has the Xenon that it is not very responsive and has terrible phone reception. He’s had many phones and hates the Xenon more than any of his previous phones. I’ve even heard AT&T salespersons tell people to steer clear of the Xenon.

  11. Chris G

    Samsung Impression all the way. Bought one for myself and one for my wife and we both love it. Have not had any problems at all. Definitely recommended.

  12. Carl Fast

    Do not get this phone, trust me, i would rather use my old crappy phone than this one, it has way too many glitches and freezes up on me about three times a day

  13. brandon

    my samsung ipression will not send messages if i type a text with the qwerty keyboard and close it, i have to keep it open to stop it from doing this. i have to restart the phone. at&t sent me another one, and i had the same problem…..i shouldve bought the iphone

  14. Joe

    I have both the LG Xenon (Work Phone) and the Samsung Impression (Personal Phone) and I have to say that I am much happier with the impression. It is more reliable then the Xenon, it is larger, the controls are easier. The only thing that I found about the Xenon that was better was the keys available on the keypad. The Impression lacks a lot of the keys that should be standard on full QWERTY phones at this point.

    The biggest problem with the Xenon is that I work is a loud warehouse, and it only plays this tiny little beep to alert for meeting times and messages.

    Also, I have never had my Impression freeze up on me. The Xenon that I received stopped receiving text messages and stopped connecting to the internet shortly after I received it. Then the screen went out and I had to have it replaced. The new one has already shown screen problems as well.

  15. Angelo

    I was thinking about getting either the Impression or the Solstice and to be honest I was looking to get it hacked/firmwared for free app’s and could not find anything for either of them.

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about that and where could I go to get the program for it?

    And to be honest I am leaning more toward the Impression due to the fact that it is a bigger touch screen and it dose have the keyboard compared to other touch phone’s I have seen.

    I would like the Iphone but right now the Samsung Impression Look’s to be my best bet.

    So if anyone knows anything about this please let me know.

    Thank you in advance

  16. Matt

    Has anyone had issues with a slow text input on the texting pad. I text really fast and it skips like every other letter. I have to type kinda slow in order for it to keep up with me. Just wanted to know if its my phone or if its a problem with everyone. thanks!

  17. Julius

    Well atleast someone has the same problem my keypad is slow also, but i’ ve been waiting for the new update because I know it’s a new phone. I know alot times I have 2 restart my phone because the messages would stop sending.
    I’m waiting for At&t to give te update for the software, and make other improvements. So please update me if there’s any news on software nd the malfunctions of the phone.

  18. Hayley

    I have had this phone for about 2 or 3 months now maybe 4.. ( i cant remember) but anyway, I have to restart this phone at least twice a day because it just randomly refuses to send messages and i don’t know why, but it’s really annoying so they need to fix it!!!!!!!! I don’t understand why they haven’t done it yet!

  19. Dante

    yea. my impression freezes or takes for ever to send text?! not all the time but 2-3 times a day.

  20. Barbara

    My Impression will slide open in my purse and unlock on its own & will randomly call the person I had last called. Does anyone else have this problem?

  21. Bopha

    I’ve had my At&t Samsung Impression for about 6 months now, and I can say that when i use the t9 virtual it does freeze and shut off. And recently when i try to touch my screen… like if i touch “message” it would open the other icon below. Now my screen is all black, i cant see the screen at all, i can hear my texts coming through and i can also recieve calls but i have no idea whats been going on its been acting up lately.. I mean i love this phone, its amzaging and i would love to use it for a long time.. does anyone else have this problem also?? im just wondering.. but ill probably go to the company tomorrow and ask them about it…

  22. JohnCA

    Service Provider – AT&T
    Phone – Samsung Impression

    I too am experiencing similar issues as the user above “Bopha” with the touch screen, although I haven’t received the all black screen, yet.

    After shutting off for half an hour, removing battery, was about to save my addy book and reset the friggin phone, but decided to try one last thing to retap the settings. IT WORKED FOR NOW, but will keep everyone posted if the problem reoccurs.

    Go to: MENU > SETTINGS > PHONE > CALIBRATION > next using both left and right hand tap the red cross as instructed on the screen.

    Hopefully this will help for yall! Good luck!

  23. Bopha

    Its me again, so i went to at&t and they contacted the company where the impression was from and the company questioned me about if i dropped it, spill water/ etc. but none of those happened.. so they sent me a new device within 4 business days.. i thought that ive been taking good care of my new one… but a week after i got it, it began to freeze up again.. but, it still works fine, at least theres no black screen again hopefully! so good luck everyone.

  24. JohnCA

    2/20/2010 UPDATE:

    Since my last posting the touchscreen on my phone has completely frozed!!! Can’t even access the calibration, so this morning brought it into an ATT store, they contacted the warranty dept and I should be receiving a refurb (WTF!!) Samsung Impression in 3-5 days. :\ 🙁

    ****My review for potential buyers****

    Pros : great reception, clarity, neat features, cam phone and camcorder is great, compact, light, QWERTY keypad (not virtual) is easy to use, and from a phone perspective the hardware is great.

    Cons: touchscreen is horrid, after 6 mos of purchase and it FAILS and no backup to boot (i.e samsung needs do more R & D or “disaster recovery” on if the touchscreen FAILS you should still be able to access the phone settings, menus, contacts, via the QWERTY keypad (not the virtual of course)).

  25. Jack

    Well, I got my impression the day it hit the shelf for a very hefty price. Its been a pretty long while and i’m just now hearing of this…. J business so i went into the t9 position. and did the J J J J J j j j j juh juh juh. SEND. nothing happend. idk what the deal is.

  26. Jack

    knock on wood

  27. Brenna

    I’ve had mine for a little while. Its only frozen up a FEW times. Thank goodness. The only issue I have had is that i out text it and i text at average speed…. for a teenager anyways.

  28. Dan

    Yeah I’ve had mine for three months. Have all the same problems and more! Every other time I try to view a picture the phone crashes. That happens trying to listen to music too. Texting will randomly stop and it will be sending forever and then tell you that the message didn’t send. Turn it off and on. All the time.

  29. emily

    so ive had my impression since oct 2009 and just recently the speaker on regular calling doesnt work so i have to put it on speaker and my screen is changing colors like itll be different tints of green and yellow

  30. JohnCA

    UPDATE from my 2/20/10 comments (see above):

    6/18/10 -SURPRISE! the refurb that I received was working flawlessly up until this week and as of last evening IT FROZE AGAIN! Exact same issue as with the original phone.

    I will be stopping by the ATT store to see what they can do. At this point I AM FED UP WITH THIS PHONE, I DON’T WANT ANOTHER SAMSUNG IMPRESSION. Hopefully ATT will be able to do something about this.

    No more of this touchscreen stuff. 😐

  31. JohnCA
  32. Dennis DE

    My Samsung Impression has been replaced twice and has died again. The same problem every time. The touchscreen fails. The more you calibrate it the worse it gets. Apparently the touchscreen has a 5 month life span. It’s been replaced in Jan 2010, June 2010 and it has died Oct 2010. Out of warranty Out of almost $300.00 Shit out of luck. Can you say Class Action Suit? It’s a great phone when it works when it dies it dies hard and there isn’t any way to access settings without the touchscreen. POS