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10 responses to “Review: HTC PPC-6800 Mogul (Sprint)”

  1. Fire Gear Repair Guy

    I find your review of the Mogul to be pretty accurate. I do not think you are comparing it to the iPhone other than a reference or two. I enjoyed your review and I enjoy my Mogul. My first one was buggy and I had to restart it all of the time. After having it replaced, I would not trade it in.

  2. David Reyes

    I owned a PPC 6600 and compared to my new Mogul there isn’t alot of difference. I expected alot more from the Mogul and was sold on this device being impecable compared to the 6600 I was leeting go of. I am still rebooting all the time and I still cannot get clear voice send while on the phone. Everyone complains they can barely understand me when I’m talking. I am disappointed and will not recommend this unit to anyone. Thx!

  3. Justin

    Your review was pretty much dead on. I am a Sprint customer, but for me the gps and tv aren’t much of an issue as i don’t use either one. I bought it with the need of internet anywhere in the country and phone as a modem feature. The phone does both of them well. The phone can be quirky at times and does need a reboot every once in a while, but runs very good the greater part of the time. Now for what I see as the bad. Battery life is horrible with the standard battery. The phone turns itself on and off throughout the day for no reason. Even with settings maximized to minimumize that and casual usage, mine was going dead half way through the day. I bought an OEM extended life battery and problem solved. Also, as previously mentioned, I too sleep with the phone face down because of the flashing lights. Can anyone say annoying. Lastly, my biggest gripe is that Sprint has no support for this phone. So if you have a question, you’re out of luck. Their sprint reps know absolutely nothing about this phone and are plain useless. HTC also will not help you because Sprint doesn’t want to pay them to do their support for this phone. This is truely a crock!!! Here’s a trick, if you call HTC and tell them you have a “general question” about their phone, you might get lucky and the rep might help you even though they aren’t supposed to. All in all, with the bad overlooked, this is not a bad phone and it does what I need it to being I’m already in a sprint contract.

    On a different note, I have seen a gps download for this phone but don’t really know if and how it works. Maybe someone else can tell us. thank you

  4. Ronald Boykin

    I owned a 6600 and a 6700 and I would take the 6600 over all the current PPC Sprint phones because of it’s picture mail management feature. You can actually manager your pictures, that you upload to the Sprint Picture Mail Server, right from the phone! None of the PPC phones do this now, only the Palm Treo 600, 650, 700p, 755p and Centro allow this total picture mail integration! I was amazed that this was not mentioned at all in the Mogul review.

  5. Alex

    I am sadly still with Sprint. They have me locked in contract….

    They want $200 BEFORE they let me buy another phone fromt hem leaving me wiht the PM-225.

    This Mogul I am about to get is only going to cost be $160 brand new and have many things that I don’t need. I would get the new instinct or the Touch, but my price range is limited seeing as I am trying to pay for college and don’t have much spending money.

    For what I am going to use this phone for I am very sure that it will be fine.

    My Brother in law has one that I have used and over and over going through it I would give it a 4 outa 5.

  6. Zac

    I can’t count how many of the phones I’ve been through. I stick with these types of phones as well as Sprint because I like the tight pc integration that the phones provide and Sprint has always seemed to be on top of technologies. I can’t agree more about the support for this or any PDA phone. Whenever I get a new one I am the one showing the reps how to set it up, every time. Also, all the false promises for updates, etc have been less than horrid. Oh yeah, and why in the world is it hard for the entire ppc line to have a mediocre speakerphone!!??
    On another note, as Justin mentioned, these phones have been fantastic for EV-DO modem capabilities, although like everything with them YOU must setup everything yourself. The update actually did go through by the way, at least the WM 6.1 update. Which added the Sprint Navigation (GPS) support. I myself use the Windows Live Search which actually works fantastic with the GPS.
    Oh yeah, I def slept with the phone face down until I just gave up and left it in my office at night. And like Ronald said, why on earth is it such a pain in the *** to send a picture!? Luckily I have an Exchange email account setup but still. I can’t send pictures to my fiancé who uses a regular Sprint phone. There was a program out there that added integration using Sprints mms servers but it stopped working.
    The only thing I can really say in the defense of both Windows Mobile and the current mobile devices is that the market has really changed. While I was in college I worked selling phones for quite some time and people who could really use some medium/advanced features would kick and scream over spending more than $100-$150 on a phone. They would all flock to the free phones. I remember this one Toshiba that was the greatest thing I’d ever saw (PDA phone) and sold it to one business man the entire time it was stocked. I think it was around $800. The problem was that the only potential customers were corporations, these clients would absolutely cut out extra ram even if it saved $10. This led the devices and software where they are today. People just would not pay the $500 for a kicking phone with solid features and extra ram. As Apple always seems to do, they came in with expensive equipment, marketed it as if the current manufactures (and software makers) were nuts, charged a high price and created the hype needed to get things going. Although I hate the smug attitudes I am grateful that they brought to light the idea of spending more on a phone. Yeah, yeah the existing companies have to play catch up but they have been in the business working with the same clients. Look at that Toshiba; that was like 8 years ago and man that was a great phone. No one knew that they even wanted it though. So why would manufactures shell out all this extra cost into a product that wouldn’t be used.
    Personally I won’t touch anything Apple out of principal anymore. I learned on an Apple, fell in love with computers because of the Mac but then I started to realize the kind of people behind it. Corporations will be corporations but I would rather surround myself with developers working with .NET helping each other make a difference while having fun than be smug.


  7. Zac

    P.S. I thought you had a very great article. Though I did wonder why you didn’t mention the worse speaker phone in the history of speaker phones 🙂

  8. Zac

    I have that model sitting on a bookcase behind me. So I guess the 6800 sucks the least 🙂
    I still find them both imposible to actually use.

  9. Menace

    The Mogul doesn’t have stereo bluetooth. Unless, of course, there’s some hidden switch we weren’t told about in the instruction manual. Just figured all these mislead people should know.