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One response to “Qualcomm Offers CDMA-to-LTE Migration Path”

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    […] Originally Posted by reuvypoo For GSM, it will be upgrading existing infrastructure, while for CDMA, it requires whole new everything. It will be a lot of work. Sort of like AT&T transferring from TDMA to GSM. For the chips, that’s Qualcomm’s job, most likely. LTE is not completely finalized yet, however, so any testing is on pre-production software and hardware. We will see what will come. I do know that theoretical LTE data tests were done and achieved speeds over 100 mbps. More likely 20-30mbps in real life. I can’t wait, however. Qualcomm has developed a solution to go directly from CDMA to LTE, it shouldn’t be anywhere as drastic as the AT&T switch from TDMA to GSM. EDIT: Here’s a couple links Qualcomm gets cozy with LTE, makes migrating from CDMA a snap – Engadget Qualcomm Offers CDMA-to-LTE Migration Path | […]