Qualcomm Announces HSPA+

Qualcomm, a company who seems to be getting the cold shoulder as of
late has announced some great news for mobile broadband
enthusiasts.  The company has developed a faster version of HSPA
(High Speed Packet Access) that is backwards compatible with existing
versions while increasing download and upload sppeeds to 28Mbps/11Mbps
respectively by using a variation of MIMO which it calls Qualcomm
TrueMIMO in the new chipset.

Voice capacity has been doubled over standard UMTS networks and tripled
when combined with vocoder enhancements and additional receivers
through the use of Continuous Packet Connectivity (always on data
connection that draws very little power), without affecting voice

The MDM-8200 HSPA+ chipset is due
to be released at the end of 2007 with field trials in early 2008 and
commercial deployment in late 2008. AT&T has stated its commitment
to upgrading to HSPA+

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