Call to Arms: Motorola Software Update Survey (Updated)

Motorola Software Update (MSU) was updated this week. It adds a user survey function, which offers users to take a survey after connecting their phone to check for a firmware update.

MSU is Motorola’s software updating solution for phones, download and install it, open MSU, connect your phone when prompted. MSU will then go onto the web and check for any software updates for your Motorola phone, and install them if available. Unfortunately, Motorola is choosing to only offer software updates for newer phones. This is in spite of the fact that MSU could easily update hundreds of older Motorola phone models.

This is a perfect opportunity to tell Motorola that you want MSU to support all Motorola phones to be added to MSU, not just new phones. We have proven MSU could update these older phones, but they will not add support unless you ask for it!

Here’s what you need to do (if you own a Motorola phone).

1) Download and install Motorola Software Update.
(If you already have MSU installed, just launch it and it will auto-update).

2) Launch MSU and connect your phone when prompted.

3) After checking for updates, you will be prompted to take a survey. Take it, and in the box for feedback, tell Motorola that Motorola Software Update should support all possible phones, not just newer ones.

If every Motorola phone owner does this, Motorola will likely add support for hundreds of phones to MSU, and ensure that it is a complete solution for updating and maintaining their phones.

Update: Less than 24 hours after our reporting, Motorola has shut down the survey.

Update 2: The survey has been re-opened, let Motorola know what you want from Motorola Software Update!